AirTag helped a Canadian man track down his stolen Range Rover

A man reported that his Range Rover was stolen even when he placed the key into a Faraday box, preventing key fob cloning. Months later, he bought a second Range Rover to replace it.

As a safety measure, he placed three AirTags in this second vehicle. One in the glovebox, one inside the spare tire, and a third under the back seat, as reported by

On June 22, at 8:30 a.m., he was woken by his children shouting, "Daddy, daddy, your car is gone." He was shocked that his second Range Rover had also been stolen.

This time, he used the Find My app to locate the vehicle, leading him to a metal recycling plant in the nearby Scarborough district. Unfortunately, he could not contact the cops at the plant and had to drive back to the police station.

The second stolen Range Rover was recovered by law enforcement agencies from the recycling plant, along with 9 other stolen cars.

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