If Winterboard lets you theme the icons (and a few other UI elements) of your iPhone, Weatherboard will let you theme the wallpapers. Named aptly, Weatherboard is a huge bunch of animated, weather-themed wallpapers for your iPhone.

Arguably, dynamic wallpapers are going to drain the battery big time but take a look at this set of wallpapers and you’ll most likely want to use them occasionally.

Weatherboard is a Cydia tweak that comes with a bunch of dynamic wallpapers. All of these are weather-based and there are 42 themes (each for day and night mode). Each theme corresponds to a particular weather condition (like Haze, Hurricane, Severe Thunderstorm etc.). Best of all, each theme is animated although animation is hardly visible in a few clear-weather themes. But in some of them, the animation just blows you away.

Weatherboard Cydia Tweak Puts Gorgeous Dynamic Weather Wallpapers on iPhone

The day and night modes are really brighter and darker version of the wallpapers. Some themes do show characteristic differences but most of it is just how the weather looks in the day and the night.

Once selected, Weatherboard will apply the selected wallpaper to the lockscreen and/or homescreen depending on your choice. Note that every theme is a dynamic wallpaper so it will drain a lot of battery.

Weatherboard lets you pick the wallpaper very easily. It shows a preview so you can see how the wallpaper animates and looks. And it lets you choose where to apply the wallpaper (lockscreen, homescreen or both).

The tweak is compatible with iPhones (4s and above). It won’t work with the iPhone 4. It’s for iOS 7.

Once you enable Weatherboard, you will have to respring your device. There are many tweaks to let you do this with just a tap, like CCRespring. Also, you might have to respring for the previews of the wallpapers to render correctly.

Weatherboard is available on the BigBoss repo for $1.49.