The Spotlight on your iOS device is useful when you are searching for contacts, apps, mails, messages and the works. But there’s only so much that Spotlight can do. A new tweak uses the UI concept of Spotlight to bring a smarter search and lookup feature to iOS 7.

Weasel, the new Cydia tweak, is dubbed as an Alfred for iOS. It’s a smart search field which lets you do a lot of things: define words, find and open apps, find and play music, search on a variety of websites and even do math. Read on.

Weasel Productivity Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

What’s Weasel?
Weasel is a tweak that works almost like Spotlight search. The interface resembles Spotlight on iOS 7. You enter a search term and Weasel brings up the results instantly. Since Weasel works just like Spotlight as far as UX is concerned, there’s nothing new here. You can bring up Weasel just like you bring up Spotlight (provided, you configure the swipe-from-bottom action in Activator).

Apps, Music, Contacts and More
Since Weasel replaces Spotlight, all of that functionality is available. So, for starters, you can search for apps that are installed on your iOS device. You can also search for contacts right from the search bar. Results are served instantly. And since Weasel doesn’t look up SMS or Mail, the results are quite fast.

The result is appended with an icon so you know what app is associated with that particular result. Music results, for instance, come with the music app icon.

Yeah, Weasel also searches your music library when you supply a search term. And when you tap on a result, the music track starts in the background without opening the music app. That, in many cases, is an awesome way to play your favorite song without shifting gears.

Weasel does definitions too albeit as quick shortcut to the dictionary. Right now, the way I define a word is to type it somewhere, select and then tap on the Define from the context menu. That’s a long route. Weasel shortens this route. Type ‘Define’ followed by the word you want to define and Weasel’s first result will take you to the dictionary definition of the word.

Weasel Cydia Tweak For iOS 7 Is Search on Steroids

But Weasel goes beyond this. You can even do math functions. Kind of how Google’s search field can do math functions, Weasel does the same. You can do simple mathematical functions like additions, but you can also do some of the higher functions like Sqrt(). The result of the operation is shown as the first result. Tapping this will copy the result (does not open the Calculator app).

Search on Google, Wikipedia
Well, this is pretty basic. Weasel comes with default search options for Google and Wikipedia. Almost every search result is appended with these two options so you can search for something over the web.

Search on Amazon and eBay too
But even more functional and useful than Google and Wikipedia is the ability to lookup for products on Amazon and eBay. Instead of having to open the respective app or going to the website, you can quickly open a search result for a specific product from Weasel.

System functions (Respring, Reboot, Wifi etc.)
The little feature that makes Weasel a little more productive is the ‘system’ toggles that show up when you type ‘system’ in the search field. This brings up options to resprint, reboot or turn off the wi-fi. And to switch off the iPhone.

Weasel is available on the BigBoss repo for $1.99. It’s definitely worthwhile if you use Spotlight a lot.