There are tons of navigational apps on the iTunes but there are very few that fall under the really “social” category. You know there are those apps which toot to be social – but aren’t really much more than sharing your location or stuff that Foursquare does better. They’re not really GPS.

Now, why am I talking about social stuff for a GPS application? Well, there are a lot of things that can be used out of a really social GPS app.

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Here’s a primer:

  • You can get real-time traffic information fed by users who are on a particular route
  • You can get some live gas prices on the route
  • You can give out your ETA to the people you are about to meet
  • You can create groups and share information and even plan travel

And the app we’re talking about is pretty much all this and more.

Waze Social Maps App for iPhone and iPad

Waze1 is a really interesting social GPS navigation app which can replace almost every other app you’ve got for navigation.

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It doesn’t give that “serious” look and is in fact, on the contrary, very much friendly and colorful application. But the data and the functions are really amazing. And since they’re like 20 million-users-strong, the app comes with some of the most strong data-driving capabilities.

Waze tells you which route to take based on traffic-information. Real, legitimate traffic-information that’s generated from other users using Waze nearby. There are things like re-routing that are smart: it re-routes based on real-time traffic data which keeps changing. The voice-guidance is totally free.

A lot of new benefits are being added to the app. Things like gas prices and discounts are new and very useful if you commute regularly on the same route. Sharing of ETAs is made simple so your friends don’t constantly text you about your location.

Waze is a perfect app if you’re all about socially driven data and real-time traffic monitoring so you take the fastest route to office.

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