WaterField Time Travel Case for Apple Watch to Protect It with Style

In terms of utility and advanced features Apple Watch stands out from other wearable devices. As the Watch is precious and spots an enviable look, you will have to make sure it has the best protection and retains its charm. Just like iPhone or iPad, Apple Watch too will require an efficient case in safeguarding it from scratches or accidental damage.

WaterField has announced Time Travel Case for Apple Watch. This case has ensured your Watch has the much-needed care and security while travelling. Designed to provide the rich convenience you would want to carry Apple Watch, this case has enough promise to be a reliable companion for your watch. Let’s dive ahead to know more about it!

WaterField Time Travel Apple Watch CaseFront Pocket to Let You Charge Your Watch Comfortably
Most of the times charging your device tends to be a little difficult task while travelling. But with this case, you wouldn’t have to bother about it much. Time Travel case has a front pocket wherein you can place your Apple watch for a hassle-free charging.

One Long Pocket For Extra Watch Bands
This case/pouch features one long pocket to let you keep extra bands for your watch. Many a time keeping some additional stuff becomes a bit tough task. It makes sure you have enough space to carry the secondary bands with utmost ease.

Compartment for Your iPhone Or Bluetooth Ear Buds
Time Travel case has a big compartment wherein you can put your iPhone or Bluetooth ear buds. Your phone enjoys the comfort while being inside the pocket and remains secured.

SF Bag's WaterField Apple Watch CaseMade With Quality Leather
It is made with deer-tanned, cowhide leather or black ballistic nylon. As it is of quality material, it is durable and hence lasts long. If aesthetic appeal is one aspect of your looking at accessories, this case should significantly stand up to the mark.

Pre-Order Now At $49
You can pre-order this case at $49. It will start shipping in time after Apple Watch also begins to ship.

Bottom Line
This is a perfect case for your Apple Watch at a reasonable price. If you want a case/pouch to be fully equipped and provide every comfort you want in terms of keeping your Apple Watch’s accessories safe, it can be a worth bargain.

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