watchOS 6 Features Wishlist: These 12 Features Can Make Apple Watch More Elegant

As a full-time Apple Watch user, I've listed out the 12 watchOS features that I believe can make the smartwatch more user-friendly, practical and elegant. Read on to take a peek at 'em and toss up your views!

Rumors about watchOS 6 features have been sporadic at best as not much is known about what sort of new add-ons Apple is planning to introduce in the next-gen watchOS. But that hasn’t stopped me from looking beyond.

If you have kept a tab on our recent posts, you’d know that I’ve already compiled an extensive list of iOS 13 features. And I think that it’s high time to do the same favor to watchOS 6 wishlist.

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If I were to jot down everything I want to see in the upcoming watchOS version, this post wouldn’t be able to accommodate them all. So, I’m going to ask for only the features, which seem to be more practical and Apple can implement them in the near future.

watchOS 6 Wishlist: These 12 Features Can Prove To Be Gamer Changers for Apple Watch

#1. Sleep Tracker

Being a workaholic, I don’t get much time to rest during the days. So, a good night sleep becomes extremely crucial for me.

Due to rather a hectic lifestyle and the ever-loading workloads, I don’t always get the needed sleep. And there are nights when slumber just doesn’t seem to arrive.

Though I use a third-party app to keep track of sleep, I think Apple’s own app can do a better job. The reason why I’m backing this feature is that sleep tracking is so essential. As the smartwatch is designed for health conscious people, it deserves to be given special attention.

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#2. Blood Pressure Monitoring

An advanced blood pressure monitoring has long been on the hotlist for Apple Watch. But I think that it’s high-time Apple introduced this much-awaited feature. And there are all sorts of reasons why the tech giant must bring it onboard before anyone else.

Bringing blood pressure monitoring to the smartwatch is going to be a hell of a challenge. The tech giant will have to introduce a completely out-of-the-box technology to accomplish this mission.

However, I do believe that if there is any company that can achieve this milestone proficiently, it has to be Apple. Finger crossed!

#3. Install Apps Right from Apple Watch (App Store App)

Believe me or not, I still can’t figure out why Apple hasn’t yet made it possible to install apps right from the Apple Watch. It feels really inconvenient to dig into the settings of the Watch app and then allow the apps to be installed on the smartwatch.

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Worse, there have been times where I had to wait for hours for the already installed apps to sync with the Apple Watch. I’ve talked about it with quite a few of my friends who own Apple’s smartwatch and all of them have said unanimously that there must be an option to download the apps from the watch itself.

#4. Update watchOS Right from Apple Watch

Every time Apple releases an update for watchOS, I want to be ahead of the race. And there are times when I’ve felt the need to kickstart the software update right from the smartwatch.

Agreed, the Watch is not yet powerful enough to not rely on the iPhone for a software update. However, I deeply think that it would be better to move towards this direction, as it doesn’t sound convenient at all.

#5. Stock Notes App

It’s hard to find out why Apple hasn’t yet made its own Notes app compatible with Apple Watch. Many a time, I’ve to record my thoughts on the go. And every time, I’ve to do it, I find it a bit inconvenient to dig the iPhone from the pocket.

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Wouldn’t it better, if I could just raise my wrist, dictate the term and save the thoughts? Of course, there are quite a few third-party note-taking apps for Apple Watch. However, I’d love to have a first party option in the next-gen watchOS.

#6. Built-in Web Browser

With watchOS 5, Apple has already introduced WebKit. So, the chances of a super handy web browser for watchOS may already be a work in the progress.

Again, I don’t badly miss a web browser on Apple Watch. But there are times where I want to jump into the quick browsing just to take a peek at the latest trend or something that comes to mind right on the wrist. It happens to me because when I’m at home, I don’t like to be fully attached to the iPhone.

#7. AssistiveTouch

The prime reason why I want AssistiveTouch on my Apple Watch is to carry out some actions like adjusting the volume and even taking the screenshot with just a tap.

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I’ve used this Accessibility feature on my iPhone for long and always appreciated it. The best thing about it is that you can control many features with little effort. So, I would really appreciate if this feature finds its way into the watchOS sooner than later.

#9. Full-Fledged Calendar App

Not that I’ve badly missed a stock calendar app on my Apple Watch, I think it would be better to get one at the earliest.

Many a time, especially when I’m relaxing in the bed and thinking about what is lined up for me, I’ve wanted to take a peek at the upcoming events right from my wrist instead of finding the iPhone and then taking a look at all the stuff that’s going to heavily dictate my life. It could indeed be a worthy addition to my favorite collection of Watch app.

#10. A Smart Calculator and Currency Converter

If I were a developer, I would build a smart calculator with built-in currency converter for the upcoming watchOS. The reason why I’m so pumped up for it because I think that it’s useful.

Especially when I want to quickly figure out the total sum of the items I’ve eaten in a restaurant or get the overall figure of the stuff I’ve bought in a busy market, want to do the Maths right on the smartwatch. Moreover, the latest watch model has a bit large screen that should allow getting the Maths right without any hassle.

#11. Add/Remove Icons in Control Center

watchOS already allows rearranging icons. However, there is no option to add the items you want and remove the ones that you don’t need anymore.

A fully customizable Control Center pretty much in line with its counterpart would be a nice addition to the watchOS. Considering CC is so essential, Apple must allow users to fine-tune it based on preference.

#12. Screen Recorder

Imagine a situation where you’ve discovered something really cool on your Apple Watch and wish to share it with your close buddy vividly. Would you prefer to share it using a short clip or screenshots?

Personally, I would like to share the moments using a tiny clip. That’s the reason why I’m pitching for a built-in screen recorder on Apple Watch.

That’s pretty much it!

Stay Tuned In For More…

Now that you’ve found out the features that I wish to get in the next-gen watchOS 6, let me know about the ones you are willing to have. I would be really glad to know them down below in the comments section.

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