watchOS 6 Features: More Health-Centric and Independent Than Ever Before

After a brief look at what watchOS 6 features have to offer, I have come out (more or less) impressed. And if you have started to look at your Apple Watch as a full-on fitness device and wish to further ramp up your expectation, chances are high that it can live up to your wish as well.

Along with iOS 13, tvOS 13 and macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 has also been announced at the ongoing WWDC 2019. Apart from enhancing performance and security, Apple has added several new features to the watchOS.

As a loyal Apple Watch user, you’d want to check out what watchOS 6 features have in store for you. And more significantly, whether the tech giant has fulfilled some of your wishes or for that matter removed the inconveniences that seemed to hamper your user-experience.

If standalone App Store appears to catch plenty of attention, the all-new watch faces don’t seem to be too far behind. Enough gossip, let’s jump over to know more about the latest watchOS version!

watchOS 6 Features: Cycle Tracking, Activity Trends, New Watch Faces and Much More

New Watch Faces

watchOS 6 has come up with some really cool watch faces including a new digital face, a gradient face, a “California” dial, solar face and a big numerals face. What’s more, there are many watch faces that allow you to add plenty of useful complications.

App Store for Apple Watch

In what could be huge news for many Apple Watch users, watchOS 6 has got a standalone App Store. That means you can now install apps right on your smartwatch. Unlike before, you will no longer have to rely on the paired iPhone to get it done.

Moreover, apps will now be able to run independently on the Watch without a companion iPhone app.

Apple’s smartwatch deserves to get more independence and be less reliant on the iPhone. From a user’s perspective, it may prove to be a catalyst in making the wearable device even more adorable and user-friendly.

Activity Trends–Get Fitter

With watchOS 6, you get a super handy feature called “activity trends” that display activity over time. It can show arrows based on your performance. For instance, you can see upward/downward arrows as per your performance.

Hearing Health–Keep Noise At Bay

Another notable feature is the “hearing health” which can turn out to be immensely pivotal for those who always want to keep unwanted noise at bay.

You can now use your watch to figure out if local noise is too loud. You will be able to simply tap on the noise app to view the current clamor levels. Besides, it will send you notifications about local noise as well.

Efficient Cycle Tracking

As expected, Cycle tracking now comes built right into Apple Watch / Health. It makes cycle tracking pretty simple and private.

You have the option to log fertility and will be able to select fertile window notification. You can use it not only on your Watch but also in the Health app.

Enhanced Health App

Health app has also got plenty of useful improvements. The app now shows a new summary view and highlights views. With the use of advanced machine learning, it can detect which highlights to show you.

All New Apps

Pretty much on the expected line, watchOS 6 comes with some useful apps like Audio Books and Voice Memos for Apple Watch. Moreover, it’s also got a handy Calculator app to let you quickly get your Maths right or find out the tip amount.

That’s pretty much it!

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As you’ve finally put your hands on the watchOS 6, have a go at all the most talked-about features. Also, try to find out the ones that Apple didn’t reveal at the event. Hopefully, your beta testing will be a pleasing experience.

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