watchOS 5 Features: Way Faster and Smarter Than Ever Before

watchOS 5 features some out-of-the-box add-ones. And the ones that have bowled me over are 7-day competition, automatic workout detection and the walkie and talkie! Jump over to find out what's more the watchOS has got for you!


watchOS 5 is undoubtedly the biggest and more proficient update for Apple Watch. The OS is all set to make the smartwatch run a lot faster and smoother than ever before. Wish to take a close look at what the operating system boasts of? We have rounded up the top watchOS 5 features to keep you in the loop!

Talking about the new add-ons, automatic workout detection has appealed us more than anything else. The other feature that we have found exceptionally user-friendly is 7-day competition.

watchOS 5 Features

Challenge Your Friends for a Competition

The watchOS 5 lets you challenge your friends for a 7-day competition. The OS keeps you notified about your progress. And more importantly, you can quickly find out whether you are winning or losing the battle.

It has a good many workout types. It’s able to count your laps accurately and even find out the swim stokes you are using.

Check out the new workout type for Yoga! It’s designed to play more attention to heart rate.

While running, you will be able to monitor rolling mile pace and even pace alerts. Oh yes, it will show you cadence (steps per minute) as well.

Automatic Workout Detection

For all those who like to sweat out in the gym, automatic workout detection is going to be of immense help. If you happen to tap on start way after you had begun your workout, you will get the retroactive credits. Even better, this feature auto detects the end of the workout as well.


There is an all-new way to chat with your friends–Walkie-Talkie. It’s really nice, and I’m sure you would enjoy having a go at it. Wondering what this feature is? Well, it’s primarily a way to shoot voice memos with each other!

To get started, you can send a request to your friends. And once they have accepted it, they can come onboard. Besides, it works on both Wi-Fi and cellular.

Third-Party Apps Are Coming for Siri Watchface

Third-party apps have finally arrived for Siri watch face. So, if you had been waiting to make the watch face more functional, there is a good reason for you to feel happy.

Now, you don’t need to invoke Siri by saying “Hey Siri.” Just raise your wrist and start the conversation.

More Interactive Notifications

Notifications have now become more interactive and actionable on the Apple Watch. Hence, you will be able to manage alerts with more convenience on the watchOS.

Support for WebKit

watchOS 5 has got the support for WebKit. That means you can view web content when you tap a link. The best thing about this feature is that it can let you view web content even without a web browser.


With the help of GymKit, your Apple Watch can now connect to gym equipment. So, if have a liking for giving your best in the Gym, you would really appreciate this functionality.


Podcasts have finally landed on the Apple Watch. Hopefully, the watch users will no longer have to complain about not being able to catch up with their favorite programs.


The all-new pride watchface and band are available today. So, if you have a liking for them, you can get them now.

That’s it!

Remain tuned

Having given a quick look at the new features that have come with the watchOS, you might be considering to download the beta on your Apple Watch. Go ahead and take the OS for a long spin and let us know your thoughts about it.

We are going to take an in-depth look at the watchOS 5. So, remain tuned with us to discover hidden features and the ways to get the most out of the operating system.

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