watchOS 4 Features: Siri Watch Face Takes the Center Stage

Though I haven’t yet explored all the watchOS 4 features, they seem to have struck a right chord with me and appear to be a step in the direction.

Apple has announced watchOS 4 at WWDC 2017. Equipped with enviable speed and numerous impressive features, the newest watchOS has been primed to offer excellent user-experience. Among several neat watchOS 4 features, what has really caught my eyes are more powerful Activity app and amazing Siri watch face.

The latest watchOS is said to be more secure and reliable than the previous version. Besides, it will deliver more consistent performance.

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watchOS 4 Features

watchOS 4 Features

All New Complications

Watch faces have got smart complications. They change dynamically as per time and location.

There is also a Siri watch face that shows a stream of information from Siri. With the use of machine learning, it finds out what to display. It also displays home controls, sunset time, flight boarding passes and more.

Smarter Activity App

Activity App has got an all new UI. It has become a lot smarter with watchOS 4. It shows little sparkle animations whenever you quite any of your activity rings.

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There’s also an auto-set for pool workouts, which can tell when you hit the end of the pool and call it a lap.

WatchOS 4 now comes with more powerful interval training feature. It allows you to switch from exercise to exercise with optimum ease.

There is NFC reader on the gym equipment that has been designed to work with the Watch.

The support of Core Bluetooth allows it to work directly with other gadgets like glucose monitors or surfboards.

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Great Music App

There is a fabulous music app on the Apple Watch. It will quickly access Apple Music mixes automatically so you don’t need to spend time to manage them. Your favorite playlists and most frequently played tunes such as My New Music MixMy Favorites Mix, Heavy Rotation will automatically show up on the Watch. So, you will enjoy listening to music on your Watch with more fun.

Apple News

Apple News has arrived on the Watch as well. Hence, you can quickly glance through all the major news from around the world right on your wrist. To me, it’s one of the finest features of the newest watchOS. It’s something that will make the watch more useful.

Signing off

What’s your take on watchOS 4? Has it stood up to your wish? Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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Apple has released the developer beta of watchOS 4, while the public beta is expected to be released later this month. If you want to give the newest watchOS a try in advance, head over to this guide to download and install watchOS 4 beta.

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