watchOS 3 Features: Redesigned UI, Apple Pay in Third Party Apps, Seven Times Faster Speed

watchOS 3 features are pretty appealing thanks to the redesigned user-interface, seven times the faster speed and much more.


Apple has announced watchOS 3 at WWDC 2016. The latest version of watchOS has come with a number of defining features such as much-polished watch UI, all new watch face and more.

watchOS 3 with the ultra-advanced features have not only brought about an all-new dimension to the user experience but also made the wearable device a lot handier than ever before. Let’s have a quick look!

watchOS 3 Features

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watchOS 3 Features: Quick Look at Major Features

“People who use Apple Watch love it.” The top focus is performance. ” Your app should actually respond instantly. And the information you look at should update before you look at it.” Kevin Lynch.

#1. Instant Launch, updated interface, handwriting recognition.

#2. Keep apps in memory, background refresh of data. Something called Instant Launch.

#3. Side button has been completely revamped, now opens “the dock” instead of the communications screen.

#4. The watchOS is seven times faster.

#5. Increased performance allows you to have access to apps anywhere with more convenience.

#6. Control Center has been added. Just swipe up from the bottom to access it.

#7. Scribble is a new touch keyboard that allows you to draw letters on the screen to type.

#8. New Watch face called Activity to let you check out your activity throughout the day.

#9. There is a new face called Numerals.

#10. Activity rings will now appear as part of your main watch face.

#11.People are actually switching between faces for different occasions, and we’ve made that really simple. Just swipe to change faces.

#12. Side Button has been named as the “Dock Button.” Apps in the dock are live.

#13. The new version of Reminders and Find Friends have been designed for the Watch.

#14. Third-party apps will now be on the watch’s dock.

#15. You can launch workouts right from the face of the Watch.

#16. SOS on the Watch. Just press and hold the side button, it calls 911.

#17. The Watch will call 911 with a built-in button.

#18. There is activity sharing from the watch: Swipe to the right of your own rings, and see family and friend rings. Share your workout data.

#19. It now lets you communicate directly with the people you’re sharing with right through Messages.

#20. You will be able to send your heart rate and smack talk with your voice.

#21.Many wheelchair users already have an Apple Watch.” Making activity tracking better for wheelchair users.

#22. Time to stand notifications has now been changed to “Time to roll.”

#23. In place of “Time to stand!” wheelchair users will see a “Time to roll!” notification.

#24. There is a new app for health called Breathe, which will help you quiet your mind, relax your body, and help you deal with everyday stress.

#25. You will be able to set smart notifications to remind you to breathe. You can even turn the crown to set how long you want to breathe for, close your eyes and haptic feedback will guide you.

#26. Apple Pay in third-party apps.

#27.We’re adding a number of new APIs.” Support for Apple Pay on the Watch. Fitness apps can run in the background, real-time heart rate and location data. Support for SpriteKite and SceneKit, native crown controls Speaker audio, inline video, and more.

Preview release of watchOS 3 is available today.

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