WALTR Mac App: Upload and Play Any Video/Audio Format on iPhone/iPad

What about having an app that will let you play any video or audio format such as MKV, AVI which are generally not supported by Apple without having to convert or download it in a third party app? It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? However, WALTR from Softorino has made it possible with utmost ease!

It is really annoying especially when you have to convert an unsupported video or audio file into the format that Apple accepts. The entire cumbersome process becomes even more irritating when you have to convert big HD videos. It not affects the quality of video but also consumes plenty of time.

Upload and Play Any Video/Audio Format on iPhone or iPad using WALTR Mac App

Just Drag And Drop

Upload and Play MKV, FLAC, AVI, Cue on iPhone and iPad via Drag & Drop

Sync your iPhone/iPad with your Mac running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later, launch WALTR and just drag and drop any video or audio format you want! That’s it. No more waiting for any lengthy video/ audio file to get downloaded or converted into the supported format. No need to launch iTunes in order to sync.

Supposing you want to watch one of your favorite videos instantly but it is in AVI format, all it will require you to get it started is just drag and drop. It is as simple and convenient as you would ever wish.

Native Playback

What’s even more interesting is that when you import any file, it goes into your default or native playback app. Like, if you drop any video, it will go into the native Videos app. In the same, if you import any music file, it will go into the native Music app so on and so forth. Moreover, they can be played directly from the native playback app.

Amazingly Fast

Another thing that sets it apart is the amazing speed with which it works. With 2GB average upload speed under one minute, it is elegantly fast and efficiently exhilarating.

One Of Its Own Kind

WALTR is only one of its own kind and truly a remarkable utility with out-of-the-box technology. You would be thoroughly delighted as well as amazed by its over-the-air-converting technology. Truly, it is the genuine leader of its time!

Available To Download

WALTR is available to download from today. Users can download it for free with unlimited 14 days trial. After that, if you wish to buy it you will have to pay $29.95 for a lifetime single user license. However, you will have to pay just $14.95, if you grab it within the seven days of its launch.

It is not in the Mac App Store. As it is not required to be synced with iTunes, it is not available there.

Price: $29.95
Download it from here.