Wally iPhone Wallet: Functional Card Case for iPhone

Simple and Functional Card Case for iPhone

The Wally from distilunion is a unique, special and crafty little card case. Unlike most other card cases for the iPhone, this one’s based on a stick-on type case which attaches to the back of the iPhone and works pretty good by the way.

Wally is all about simple functioning. At its core, it’s just a small pouch that can carry a few credit cards, a few wads of cash and maybe some more before there’s a little bulge. And what’s most interesting is that it just sticks to the back of the iPhone, quite firmly at that, and doesn’t add anything more to the iPhone.

Most other iPhone card cases that I’ve seen are somewhat bulky. They do fit the bill when it comes to carrying cards and bills around but there’s something extra about them. Wally isn’t your usual fare here: it’s not going to protect your iPhone but it sure fits even on a case-fitted iPhone. That’s where it kicks in.

Wally iPhone Wallet Case Review

Wally iPhone case will fit any iPhone even if it has another case on it. As long as you stick the case correctly, it fits. Got it wrong the first time like we did? No worries: you can just peel it off and apply it again. It just sticks well.

Simple and Functional Card Case for iPhone

I should really mention the quality of the pouch. It’s one of the best. The specs tell me that the case is made entirely out of Italian leather.

When we first put a card in the Wally pouch, it looked like it could come out easily. On subsequent tests when we filled it to the brim, things fit in tight. You have the ribbon to pull them out easily of course.

How to Apply Wally iPhone Wallet

Thinking of how Wally is going to be helpful, it’s really a matter of utility: imagine hitting a nearby shop to pick something up? You wouldn’t want to carry your heavy wallet but you sure want to carry your cards and the iPhone. Wally merges these two things together. One swift card case that isn’t bulky.

You can put essentials like your ID card, a credit card for expenses and a few bills into the Wally pouch.

The case has priced a tad high at $40.00 but it’s possibly worth for the patent-pending design and the utility.

Check out Wally here.

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