Walking+Running Measurement Broken in Health App On iOS 8.2, How to Fix It?

Health app is one of the most popular apps in iOS 8. It makes ultra-convenient for iPhone and iPad users to keep a track of their fitness. This app collects a number of significant data about your health such as walking+ running distance, calories burned etc.

A number of iPhone owners have reported that after updating to iOS 8.2, Health app has stopped tracking walking, running measurement. In other words, it seems to have been completely broken. This unexpected bug with the Health app may have been caused due to ill-conceived update as well as some of the other miscellaneous glitches. Here are some possible fixes to troubleshoot this issue.

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Walking-Running Measurement Broken in Health App On iOS 8.2How to Fix Walking+Running Measurement Broken Issue in Health App On iOS 8.2

Check Out the Health App Settings

One of the first things which you can do to solve this issue is to check out settings in the Health app making sure everything is fine there. It also helps to switch the internal setting of the app on/off a few times.

Step #1. Launch Health app → Tap on Heath Data from the bottom.

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Health Data on iPhone Running iOS 8.2Step #2. Tap on Fitness → Tap on Walking+ Running Distance.

Tap on Fitness in iPhone Health AppStep #3. Toggle off Show on Dashboard.

Toggle Show On Dashboard in Health DataStep #4. Quit this app and restart your iPhone.

Step #5. Once your device has restarted, launch the Health app again and follow all the above mentioned steps and toggle on Show on Dashboard.

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Toggle Show Off Dashboard in Health DataThat’s it! Assuming, this issue has been fixed.

Reset Your iPhone Settings

Many users have claimed that after resetting their iPhone they were able to fix this bug. Let’s try out this method as well as it can potentially resolve this bug.

However, one thing you must know that resetting your device can make some changes in the settings such as, Wi-Fi passwords but it won’t delete any files or data.

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Step #1. Launch Settings → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhoneStep #2. Scroll down and tap on Reset →Tap on Reset All Settings.

Reset All iPhone SettingsStep #3. Enter your Passcode when asked and confirm reset settings.

Last Resort: Restore Your Device As New

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If you still haven’t been lucky with regard to resolving this stubborn bug, then restoring your device as new is the last resort. It may involve a lot of time and lengthy process but it can be the ultimate solution of the problem. But before you should go ahead with the process, you must backup your device so that your data remains secured.

Connect your device with your Mac or PC → Launch iTunes → Select your device from the top left menu → Click on Restore Your iPhone.

Restore Your iPhone from iTunesThat’s done! Health app may start showing walking+ running data now. Do you know any other solutions of fixing it? If yes, it would be nice to have your comments.

Jignesh Padhiyarhttps://www.igeeksblog.com
Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of iGeeksBlog.com who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.


  1. My problem is related, but slightly different: Walking+Running *is* recording, but only at about 10% of actual.

    I’ve reported it to Apple – and was given a tracker to keep a log of my movements for a day or two. But since then nothing.

    I did try doing a reset, but that didn’t help. Location Services is working fine elsewhere, just not here.

    Oh well…
    Kia ora,

  2. I have faced the same problem as Laurie. My health app is only recording 10% of actual distance. I walk around ~5-6k steps daily and it shows those steps but it shows that I have only covered (walked) 0..2 miles. I have contacted Apple and they asked me to perform similar approach that Jignesh has suggested but it didn’t work for me :(

    Any other suggestion?


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