Take Virtual Reality Tour of Flyover Cities in iOS 11 Apple Maps

It's a wonderful experience to Flyover cities in VR mode in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad running iOS 11. Jump over to this straightforward guide to know more about this enormously wicked feature!

Thanks to the introduction of ARKit, Apple’s Maps Flyover feature now provides a remarkable city tour experience in VR mode. So, if you are planning to visit Paris and desire to have a glimpse of the places by virtually walking around the streets, the Maps is designed to let you do that with aplomb! Sounds exciting? Let me walk you through this quick guide to flyover cities in VR Mode in Apple Maps on your iPhone running iOS 11 (beta 2 or later).

With the use of ARKit, Maps’ VR mode tracks your actual position in the real world using the camera. ARKit requires Apple A9 and A10 processors. That means you can use it only on your iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro.

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How to Flyover Cities in iOS 11 in VR Mode in Apple Maps

Experience 3D Tour of Flyover Cities in iOS 11 Apple Maps

Note: Currently Flyover tour is compatible with around 300 cities of the world. If your city doesn’t support this feature, you won’t see Flyover button for it on the place card. Check out Apple.com to know if the Flyover feature is available in your city or not.

Step #1. Open stock Maps app on your iOS device.

Open Apple Maps on iPhone

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Step #2. Next, you need to enter the name of the city you wish to tour.

Enter City Name in Apple Maps on iPhone

Step #3. Now, you will see the Flyover button on the place card. Tap on it.

Tap on Flyover in Maps App on iPhone

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It’s time to take city tour!

  • Move forward, backward or side to side to explore the city. For the better experience, make sure to keep your iPhone’s camera unobstructed as Flyover needs it to work properly.
  • If your device camera is blocked, Maps will tell you that more contrast is required and hence aim the camera at the different surface.
  • If you don’t want to move, use pinch and swipe gestures to navigate.
  • Once you have toured the city, tap on the X button at the bottom right to finish the visual extravaganza.

How to Start City Tour in Apple Maps on iOS 11

Step #1. Open Maps → Enter the name of the city in the search field → Flyover.

Tap on Flyover in Maps App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the Start City Tour button at the bottom.

Tap on Start City Tour in Maps on iPhone

Note: If you don’t see the Start City Tour button, swipe up the information card at the bottom and then tap on it.

Pause/Resume Flyover Tour: Simply tap on the “Pause/Resume Tour” button at the bottom to suspend the flyover tour.

End Flyover Tour: Tap on “X” button next to the name of the city to end the tour.

Pause, Resume and End City Tour in Apple Maps on iPhone

Make the Most of Incredible Flyover Tour!

Indeed, Maps app has richly been enhanced by this stunning feature. What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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