I am listening to a podcast and the volume is so low even after I’ve set it to 100%.  This usually sucks because I know I can’t do much after this. That’s when a new Cydia tweak comes up: Volume Amplifier. I think there was a Volume Boost  tweak (or something similar) much before (about 2 yrs back) but Volume Amplifier is here to solve the problem of feeble output in your iPhone speakers.

Volume issues aren’t all that common on the iPhone. Both the speaker and the earphone produce a good level of output. However, under some circumstances, a full-volume might not be enough. May be the volume of the track itself is low. Or may be you are in a noisy environment.

Volume Amplifier Cydia Tweak

Volume Amplifier promises to increase the output by 200%. The tweak has nothing to configure or set up. It just works via the volume button: when you press the ‘+’ button, just keep pressing even after the volume has hit the highs. You’ll notice that there is a secondary level of volume indicator showing up above the original one.

The Good

The best thing about Volume Amplifier is that it works. Perfectly. So whenever you need to increase the volume beyond the usual 100% – a party, perhaps – you’ve got this tweak that’ll help you get that extra volume output.

Since there’s nothing to configure, setup or tweak, all the more better.

The ‘Little’ Bad

But of course this comes with a catch. First off, you shouldn’t use the tweak all too often. Here’s why:

The tweak does not increase the volume of the track/audio that’s playing. It directly impacts the audio module of the iPhone so the output is going to be jarring in some cases. Continuous use of the tweak will affect the speaker or the earphone whichever is being used.

The tweak is right now compatible only with the iPhone 5 but it’s expected that the dev will add iPhone 4/4S support. iOS 6 is compatible.

Apart from that, the tweak is perfect. It’s one of those tweaks that are silently helpful and will probably fuse into your everyday life. Just be sure not to use it very often.

Volume Amplifier is available on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

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    helped me out plz

  • Røhiť Máţhůř

    my ipod touch 5 doesn’t fix after restoring speaker has same problem