VoiceChanger might not yet be the perfect tweak to change your voice in real-time but it breaks the ice in active, real-time voice-changing. It's one of the new tweaks to hit Cydia that has something really unique to offer.

As such, I don't think there are apps or tweaks on App Store or Cydia, respectively, that bring this feature to the table. The best we've seen so far is call-recording facility (specifically for 4S/5) and you might be interested in noting that this new tweak, VoiceChanger, is from the same developer.

Elias Limneos first came across our radar when he released CallRecorder/AudioRecorder – a tweak to record calls on your iPhone. Incidentally, the tweak was compatible to work only with the latest iPhones.

VoiceChanger Cydia Tweak

VoiceChanger lets you change your voice: whether it's being recorded by the Voice Memo or whether it's on a call or on a video recording utility.

Once installed, VoiceChanger can be enabled/disabled via Settings. Besides the kill switch, there are options to change the type of voice. You have four options:

  • Dark Lord
  • Tenoro
  • Smurf
  • Rumpelstiltskin

There's also the no-effect for Normal voice.

There's one major hurdle/problem for the tweak, though. The voice quality is actually quite pathetic. You will pass-off with Tenoro and Dark Lord but the Smurf or Rumpelstiltskin isn't up to the mark.

May be things will get refined with updates but for now, you have to put up with these if you wish to use VoiceChanger.

VoiceChanger can be enabled and used even during a call. However, you'll have to enter into Settings and enable it thereby exiting the Phone app. Not a big deal but if there had been Activator actions, things would have sounded far better.

VoiceChanger is available on the BigBoss repo for $2.99. A pricey-tweak, yes, but a tweak to check out nevertheless. That is, if you're into pranks.

  • Alex Smoljanovic

    Tried using on my jailbroken 5S but the voices do not change. Tried re-installing and rebooting to no avail. Any ideas?

    • It seems this tweak is not yet compatible with iPhone 5s

      • Alex Smoljanovic

        Ok thanks. The reason I posted is that there are numerous posts confirming it works with the 5S. Even the info on the app specifically states” This tweak works on all IOS5 to IOS7 versions. It works perfectly on iPhone 5S and 5 but on iPhone 4S it requires you to switch to speakerphone. Dvice limitations: It works on iPhone 5S, 5 and iPhone 4S. IPhone 4, 3GS or 3G are NOT supported.”

        I thought maybe it was just a problem at my end. Everything else seems to work fine on my 5S.

        • Did you try re-installing the tweak? It could be an installation problem. If not, it must be an issue with compatibility.