One of the pet peeves we have is that you can’t add new keyboards to iOS unlike Android where you can add additional keyboards beside the stock. While the iOS 7 keyboard is good, by default, it can be a lot better.

This is why iOS keyboard modding is a popular turf for jailbreak devs. Amidst a bunch of keyboard Cydia tweaks, here’s Vmoji7, a tweak that adds unicode, emoji and shortcut options to the keyboard on your iPhone/iPad.

You know that option where you can tap and hold on a key to reveal more options within the key? That’s the idea behind Vmoji7 and that’s the feature that drives this keyboard tweak. When you tap and hold on keys within the numeric keypad (123), you have a lot of options to choose from. All the keys in the numeric keypad have a ton of emojis and unicode characters that you can pick from.

Vmoji7 Must-have Cydia Tweak for Faster Typing on iOS 7 Keyboard

Understandably, there’s some learning curve here (in the sense that you have to remember where a specific emoji/unicode character lies). But once you get used to it, typing can be pretty fast. That’s one of the advantages of Vmoji7.

There’s something more that Vmoji7 brings to the iOS keypad. It includes an easier way of typing numbers without switching to the numeric keypad. Right on the top row of the QWERTY keypad, the numbers are hidden inside the keys so that when you tap and hold on Q, you can type 1 and so on and so forth for the rest of the numbers. (W=2, E=3, R=4 etc.).

And there’s one more interesting addition that couldn’t go unnoticed. The Number 9 key comes with shortcuts like CAR, WUD that you can tap on. This will instantly type “I am driving right now” and “What you doing?” respectively. There are 30 such shortcut keys that will type relevant phrases – these can be useful when you’re busy.

If you have any other keyboard tweak that changes the layout of the keyboard, you might face some compatibility issues when you try to run Vmoji7 simultaneously.

Compatibility: All iOS devices. (iOS 7). Includes A7 (iPhone 5s, iPad Air).

Vmoji7 is up on the BigBoss repo and can be purchased for $2.99.