If there’s something that makes apps on smartphones and tabs effective, it should be gesture-based actions. In keeping with this trend, HarbDevLeb brings us a gesture-tweak for the new VLC app for iPhone/iPad.

Having used VLC Gestures for quite sometime now, I think this is the perfect companion to the VLC app and it might be possible that the folks over at VideoLAN would want to update their app with these gestures built-in.

VLC Gestures will quite easily change the way you control the videos you watch on VLC app for iPhone and iPad. With gesture-based controls for brightness, volume, fast-forward and rewind, play/pause, I think VLC Gestures is quite the tweak that adds power to the app.

VLC Gestures Cydia Tweak

VLC was recently launched on the App Store after having been taken down a long time back due to codec license issues. After its launch, VLC has become one of the most popular apps and with features like Wifi support to upload videos to your VLC, it has established its mark.

While using the app is quite easy and uncomplicated, use of gestures to control the video playback, volume and/or brightness is something smart.

If you use a lot of apps where there are plenty of gesture-based actions to control the functions, you probably know how much faster and better the UX is. VLC Gestures does something similar to the VLC app.

Once installed, you can do the following:

  • Slide up/down on the right to control the volume
  • Slide up/down on the left to control the brightness
  • Double-tap to play/pause

As such, VLC does have the brightness and volume slider along with the usual controls but VLC Gestures does make it far more easier to control the playback.

VLC Gestures is free on ModMyi repo.

  • Ich2222