Every month Apple's AppStore is flooded with countless news apps, and this makes users clueless as to which app to use on their iPhones and iPads. These apps normally serve a single purpose of sharing news stories in the ubiquitous format. But Vizo came in as a welcome surprise with impressive interface and striking features.

Vizo is a visual treat for news lovers. Having professionally written summaries to glance at and skim through has made this app a great on-the-go service for me.

Vizo iPhone and iPad News App

Vizo has an extremely unique interface. They redesigned the way content is presented as well as the process that it is consumed in. Instead of seeing a headline, the home screen is full of color splashed images. It has the vibe of instagram, pinterest and other image based websites. Because of this I really believe it will make it easy for this app to catch on in the mobile world.

Swiping up and down on the vertical images lets you choose the category. Swiping left to right allows readers to skim through categories. The unique interface makes reading the news, and finding the right story for you, much easier and I've found myself reading stories that I would not typically be interested in because the picture caught my attention.

Vizo News App for iPhone and iPad

Vizo helps readers with remaining up-to-date with what's happening in the world faster and easier than ever. With that said, they make it really easy to find and read a full length articles. On the full glance view all you have to do is swipe up to see a bunch of sources.

It is a really cool experience being able to choose my favorite publisher depending on the story! Some stories contain a logo in the bottom left hand corner. The logos signify that it is a featured post and is written by one of Team Vizo's Content Partners. These partners, include awesome websites and journalists such as Cinema Blend, Spoon University, FactCheck.org, Dan Rather, etc.

If you're a busy person, that happens to always be on the move, this is a great app to start checking in with throughout the week. It's getting harder and harder to watch the news and find articles worth reading, and this app does a lot of the work for you. You'll be surprised with how clicking in and reading through a few stories can really give you a much better awareness of what's going on.

Price: Free
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