Vizable iPad App: Analyze Industry Data and Trend With Ease

In this business world of cut throat competition, you always need to have keen eyes on what’s going around in market. In business every minor detail is important for growing as well as to survive; it’s always a life and death situation. Businesses hire professional analyst to analyze their data, in order to understand the trend of their business.

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Apart from that, these analysts can also forecast certain scenarios with the help of graphs and other data structure. But it is not advisable to rely on your analyst each and every time; we need to focus ourselves to get a better idea of our business. To do that, all you need is an iPad.

Vizable iPad App

Vizable iPad App

iPad has already simplified our lives in many ways, here’s one more app called Vizable for iPad that will help you analyze the data with ease. App is pretty clean and very easy to operate; there is no rocket science, even if you are completely novice in analysis.

Vizable app lets you import your Excel or CSV file into the app. It then transforms the data to attractive graphs which you can analyze with different options. Refer below for detailed features:

File adding options

You can easily add your Excel or CSV file to Vizable app via any cloud storage apps like: iCloud or Dropbox. Apart from that, you can also access your data files directly from email as well.

Easily add columns

Adding columns in Vizable is very easy; it’s a two finger gesture pinching out to add columns and doing opposite will remove the columns. It’s a handy feature when you are analyzing a big data.

Changing calculations was never so easy

There are many different terms in analyzing data. When we talk about revenue, we can bifurcate into total revenue or average revenue over a period of time. These types of calculations are just a swipe away with Vizable app. All you need to do is to swipe down over the data you wish to calculate.

Analyzing trend

Vizable Trend Analyze iPad App

This is one of the most important parts when it comes to analysis. At times, we need to analyze data of a decade in order to understand the trend of any specific industry. With Vizable app all you need to do is to open the app and select the range of period you wish to analyze. It’s a simple select and drag gesture and the app will do the rest. It will zoom in the selected period, to make it easy to analyze the trend of a specific period.

Changing between different fields

When you are working with a data file that has many different fields, it becomes frustrating to move from one field to another. But with Vizable app everything is just a swipe away; all you need to do is to swipe from right to left to move from one field to another. You can go back to earlier field by swiping left to right.

Removing category from data (Filter)

Dealing with data that has numbers of category can be a real headache. As we said many times, even this tedious job is just a swipe away in Vizable app. All you need to do is to swipe the category from right to left, the app will move that category to filter column and it will not be included in the data you are analyzing. You can add it back by swiping the filter column from left to right.

Unlimited Undo

Did something wrong? Not a reason to panic when you are on Vizable app. The app has got unlimited undo options that will revert the changes you make to the file. Feel free to try your hands on Vizable without worrying about making mistakes.

Sharing you data

Once you are done with your data file, you can easily share it as image directly from the app itself. Vizable app can share your data image file directly to Dropbox, email, twitter and many more.

Vizable app is currently available for free from app store and it is compatible only with iPad. The only drawback which we think is that it does not let you create a new file; but then, it’s an analysis app.

Price: Free
Download Vizable

Get Vizable on your iPad and share your experience with us in comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
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