Vine's the next best thing after Instagram. While Insta was for photos, Vine is for short, six-second videos. And it's grown insanely popular over the past few months.

Much like Instagram photos, you can't by default download or save Vine videos to your iPhone's camera roll album. Which is why we have to turn to the jailbreak community for such things.

If you want to download videos from Vine, there's VineDownloader. It's a cool Cydia tweak on the block that will let you Save Videos from Vine right to your camera roll.

VineDownloader Cydia Tweak

There is nothing to configure once you download VineDownloader from Cydia. The tweak adds a setting within the Vine app which lets you enable or kill the Save option. That's it.

To use the tweak, you obviously need to have Vine for iPhone installed on your smartphone. Vine is a free app that lets you view cool six-second videos from people around the world. It's Twitter for Videos.

VineDownloader works similar to another ‘download media' tweak: the InstaSave which saves Instagram photos to your iPhone's camera roll.

VineDownloader appears to be compatible with iOS 6 and works just fine on all iPhones. The tweak is available on the BigBoss for $0.99. For users of Vine who're quite addicted to the new social network, VineDownloader would be an awesome addition.

Speaking of video-social channels, Instagram too has some cool video features integrated now with a 10-second video upload and share feature. We also took a look at Snapverse, another app with similar designs but with lengthier limits.

Be sure to download Vine Downloader if you are seriously thinking about downloading Vine videos. In the meantime, we're looking for ways to download Instagram videos.