VideoStory App for iPhone and iPad

Videos out of photo montages are kind of old but they’re classic. How about picking some of your cool Instagram photos and making a montage out of it? Spice it up with some music and effects and you’re done: a cool video that you can show off to the world.

If you wish some app could do that easily, it has to be VideoStory from Bits&Coffee. VideoStory helps you create simple but beautiful videos (or call them photo slides) from your Instagram photos. Of course, you can even pick photos from your Camera Roll.

VideoStory App for iOS: Create Photo Montages From Your Instagram Photos

Bits&Coffee is that company behind a few photo-related products for OS X and iOS. We wrote about PhotoMarks, one of their projects, earlier. VideoStory is not a full-fledged video-creating app. It’s aimed at normal users like us who don’t need overwhelming editing features.

VideoStory App for iPhone

In fact, VideoStory comes with too few features to actually be considered seriously. But it’s the ease-of-use and the ability to create really simple and cool video stories out of the photos (either on your Instagram profile or in your Camera Roll/Photos app) that makes VideoStory worth using.

VideoStory App for iPad

Features of VideoStory iPhone/iPad App:

#1. The primary focus is on importing photos from Instagram. Photos that already have filters applied to them so you don’t need to edit them again within the app. In keeping with this premise, you don’t get any editing capability with the app: all you can do is shift the image around to set what part of the image is shown in the video (crop).

#2. You can add a single video transition effect for each slide. No other fancy thing.

#3. You can add songs from your album. There are a few configuration options here like how the song fades in, where it starts and the volume.

#4. There is also an Auto Delay feature for Instagram photos.

Like I said before, VideoStory is really aimed at a large base of iPad and iPhone users who aren’t experts at a lot of technical stuff and want to put together a bunch of photos, transition, and music from their Instagram photos. This is the best thing you can get, to do just that.

Price: 1.99
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