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VideoProc Video Editor for Mac and Windows

Social media trends have taken the world by the storm. In the early days, social media was mostly about text and images. But with time, the trend moved towards GIFs and Videos. Now, users post thousands of videos every day on their profile. If this wasn’t enough, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram stories have forced users to test their innovative video skills by recording short stories in video format. This is where the need for software like VideoProc arises.

VideoProc is an all-in-one software to meet all your video editing and merging needs. Whether it is your vacation video that you need to trim or merge short clips into one for your Facebook stories. VideoProc can do all that with a few clicks. In this detailed review about the software, we will take you through its features, how to use them, and how it can help you create great videos in no time.

VideoProc Video Editor for Mac and Windows: Review

Merge Videos

We may have shot different videos using different devices like iPhone, Android phone, or a DSLR. They may have different resolutions and also different file formats. What if you want one single video by merging them all?

With VideoProc, it will take just a few clicks to achieve the goal. You can not only merge the videos of different file formats, but you can also edit each video individually before merging them into one. Besides that, you can also denoise or stabilize each video individually so that you get exactly what you want.

You may also want to jump from one video to the other without the viewer notices it. With other video editors, it required a bit of experience. But with VideoProc it is effortless. You can edit, start, and end time of each video individually and then watch the preview.

Merge Multiple Videos on Mac Using VideoProc

If everything is perfect, process it, and you’ll have a perfectly merged video in no time. Apart from this, you can add a lot of other effects from available options. If that’s not enough, you can also add text or image as watermark to the merged video, if you feel it is going to get viral and you should have the credits.

Video Quality

The peculiar thing about VideoProc is that it uses hardware acceleration, which is not the case with most of the video editing software. Because of this, it takes a lot lesser time to process the video, and on top of that, there is next to zero quality loss.

Set Video Quality in VideoProc

Whether you are merging different videos into one or editing single video, you can expect the original quality to remain intact. Besides that, it supports 4K videos as well.

Adjust Video Quality in VideoProc

The most impressive thing about merging videos was that it could merge different video format as well. That means, if you have a MOV format to be merged with an MKV format, it can be done quickly in a few clicks. On top of that, you can change the video format of the merged file along with changing quality, frame rate, etc.

If this has impressed you already, you should watch video on how to merge videos using VideoProc to learn more about it. Here is the detailed guide.

YouTube video

Denoise and Stabilize the video

Let’s say you have three videos to merge and one of them has a lot of unnecessary noise and also the camera is not stable. In this case, you can use the VideoProc’s built-in Denoise feature to remove extraneous noise. After that, you can use Deshake option to work on stabilizing the video.

Video Stabilization in VideoProc
Denoise Video Using VideoProc

Apart from this two, there are many tools like Trim, Split, Rotate, Mirror & Flip, GIF, Snapshot, and Fisheye. All these tools are incredibly easy to use for an average user without needing to have any technical knowledge of video editing. Each tool has minimum configurations that make your life a lot easier while working with merging videos.

Convert Videos

There are many video converters available in the market. But again VideoProc wins by a fair margin when it comes to the performance. If you have shot a 4K video or a slow-motion on your iPhone, you can easily convert it to the video format you like; without compromising on the quality.

This again is possible because VideoProc uses full GPU (hardware) acceleration to process video files. No matter how large the file is, or which format it has, it will convert the video to your required format quickly and effectively.

Download videos

VideoProc supports more than 1000 websites to download videos directly to your Mac or Windows PC. Some of the sites include YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, and many more. You can download different videos from there and then merge, edit, and reshare it with your innovative touch.

Screen Recording

Whether you are a YouTuber making technical videos or a professional that gives presentations to the management. Screen Recording can be very useful in getting things done. With VideoProc you not only record your Mac or Windows screen, but you can also add your voice using the built-in microphone.

This tool helps in creating customized videos depending on your requirement. Just like all other videos, the recorded video can also be edited with all the above features along with abilities to merge to some other video. You have complete control of what you want to do with VideoProc.

Other features

We highlighted features that are widely used by most of the users to edit and merge their videos. But VideoProc is not limited to just that. It includes a plethora of features that can be used to enhance your video, suiting your requirement.

Features of VideoProc Video Editor

Other features include adding subtitles, applying different effects, deleting noise, adjust brightness and contrast, crop, cut, alter playback speed and volume, and Lens Correction.

Price: $29.95

That’s all, mate!

Signing off…

After listing all these features, the first thought that may come to your mind is of money. The software is indeed paid, but you can download it for free and try it out yourself. If it meets your requirement, you can then purchase a full license.

Ideally, the lifetime license for one Mac/Windows is recommended if you wish to use for personal videos. There are other options as well that you can explore on VideoProc official website.

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