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Without mincing my words, I would say that my iPhone Xs Max is the best pocket-sized DSLR for me. Whether it’s snapping fascinating shots with the depth-of-field effect or recording 4K video at 60 FPS, the phablet has got plenty of goodies up its sleeve to keep my mobile photography in the top gear.

While I’m pleased with the quality of 4K video recording on iPhone, I’d love to have a more effective 4K video processing solution. To fill this void, Digiarty has introduced a super functional video processing software named VideoProc for both Mac and Windows PC.

VideoProc 4K Video Processing Software for Mac Review

How good is this software and can it live up to the high demand? Before jumping onto a surefire conclusion, I would like to take a close look at what it has to offer and also give it a spin. Read on to find out whether it will succeed in passing my acid test or fail to live up to the expectation…

Wicked Fast Video Processing

When dealing with 4K videos, I want my software to work swiftly. VideoProc claims to process videos up to 47X faster. Frankly speaking; I couldn’t believe its tall claim initially. However, once I put the app to the real test, I did find it wicked fast.

VideoProc Fast 4K Video Processing

So, what puts it in good stead? It takes advantage of Intel-based level 3 hardware acceleration to perform efficiently.

During the test, I used this tool to process or transcode multiple videos, and it performed the task consistently. The best thing about it is the ability to keep the quality of the file intact.

There aren’t too many apps that can handle video converting or compressing so immaculately. It’s this efficiency that makes VideoProc a highly reliable bet.

To me, both speed and efficiency are the must-have a features as I can’t compromise with any of them. And for this, Digiarty deserves a lot of praise.

Super Easy Tools

Another area where I’ve found this software pretty good is the ability to make video editing a painless experience. Yeah, you don’t have to be an expert to transform your videos.

The app offers several effective tools like cut, crop, and rotate your 4K clips. You can ideally adjust your videos and even perfectly fine-tune your oversized videos snapped by GoPro, 4K camera or even your iPhone.

VideoProc Edit, Crop 4K Video

Not to speak of the option to merge multiple videos. If you love mixing and matching plenty of different stuff, you would find it pretty spot on.

You have multiple well-thought effects like FourColor, Noise, Grayscale, Negate and more to adorn your flicks elegantly. Besides, there is also an option to add subtitle and watermark.

VideoProc Multiple Effects for 4K Video

Digitize Your DVDs

Aside from allowing you to process your videos proficiently and even edit them with ease, VideoProc can also let you digitize your DVDs and play them on your iPhone or iPad. It’s equally effective as a DVD ripper.

VideoProc Digitize Your DVDs

You can convert the DVD to several mainstream formats like MP4. Blessed with rapid speed, it can rip your DVDs a lot faster than other DVD rippers in the market. However, it doesn’t compromise with quality in favor of speed. So, you will continue to enjoy your videos.

If you often find yourself dealing with DVDs and want a more functional software, this one can be worth checking out.

Online Video Downloader and Screen/Webcam Recorder

Whenever I come across out-of-the-box videos, I do want to save them to my special library to watch and share them with friends. And that’s when I use a handy tool to download them. When I came to know that VideoProc also works as an online video downloader as well, I wanted to give it a try.

VideoProc Online Video Downloader

This 4K video processing app for Mac makes downloading online videos incredibly simple. So, catching all the flicks and putting them to your personal library shouldn’t be a big deal.

What’s more, you can also use it to record screen or webcam. I put its recording functionality to the test and found it more than good enough to meet demanding workflow.

VideoProc Screen, Webcam Recorder


As of now, Digiarty offers a huge discount on VideoProc. You can get a one-year license for one Mac at $29.95 (original price: $59.90), lifetime license for one Mac at $42.95 (original price: $78.90) and $57.95 (original price: $119.90).

Moreover, the company is also offering a bumper giveaway as part of the Black Friday Deals. Take part in the giveaway to win iPhone Xs, AirPods, iPhone cable and the licensed VideoProc (2000 copy/day) for free.

The Verdict:

VideoProc 4K video processor is versatile and definitely worth giving a shot at. Apart from managing HD videos, the app also works reliably digitizing DVDs, downloading online clips, and recording screen or webcam.

From what I’ve experienced, this software is equally effective on all the aspects. Besides, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to master it.

However, the best part of this offering from Digiarty is that it gets about the business without putting the quality on the backburner. And this is where it stands out from the rest as a super handy video processor for Mac and Windows PC.

What’s your take on VideoProc? Would you like to try it out? Share your thoughts down below in the comments.

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