There are very few video players that offer the capability to play videos faster/slower and Ryan Petrich brings a solution to fill this void. His new tweak will let you play videos faster or slower just by installing and using the tweak.

VideoPace, as the tweak is called, will increase or decrease the playback speed of videos playing on your iPhone/iPad. It doesn’t matter what app runs the videos – VideoPace has a say in the playback speed.

Ryan released two video-related tweaks recently. We covered one of the (VideoPane) just recently. VideoPane lets you do true multitasking by detaching the video to a separate pane.

Videopace Cydia Tweak

VideoPace, on the other hand, is a simple tweak that changes the playback speed.

It’s a pretty simple and free tweak.

Once you install VideoPace, you can configure the playback speed by going to Settings → VideoPace and choosing a number. As you’ll see, VideoPace allows you to increase or decrease the playback speed.

You can increase the speed by up to 2x (100%) and decrease it by as much as 50%.

To use the tweak:

  • Install the tweak from Cydia
  • Go to Settings → VideoPace
  • Choose a speed
  • Play videos either in the stock Video app or YouTube app (or any other)
  • Now, to change the speed, go back to Settings → VideoPace. You can use the mult-task switcher to switch to VideoPace settings.
  • Choose a new speed
  • Head back to Videos/YouTube app and play the video. The changes will take place instantly.

I think that’s the coolest thing. No resprings. No activator methods. No new interface changes. It all just happens right there.

VideoPace will come in very handy for users who watch a lot of seminars or presentations where you can quicken the video to save time.

VideoPace is available on the BigBoss. It’s a free tweak.