VideoMix iPhone App – To Create Picture and Video Collages

VideoMix is a cool iOS app that creates picture & video collages instantly on iPhone. Pick your photos and videos from camera roll, spice up the layout and impress your friends!
VideoMix iPhone App Review

There are gazillion apps out there which create picture and video collages on your iPhone. What makes VideoMix so special is that you can get started in a jiffy and yet, create stunning, beautiful, cherished picture and video collages and share them with your friends.

Beautiful layouts, an easy-to-use interface, a friendly editing process.. features like these make VideoMix a very adorable app that you can use to create interesting collages on-the-fly. There are enough features to keep you glued and to help you create something really amazing but it’s not overwhelming in any way.

Like I said, there are several apps that do the same job as VideoMix: picture and video collages. But as far as I’ve seen, VideoMix is the only app that mixes both videos and photos in a single collage. So there can be videos playing right next to photos. You can even fill up an entire grid with videos from your camera roll.

We got to play around with VideoMix’s free iPhone/iPad app and the results are truly interesting and captivating. There are a lot of things you can customize. From the border on the collage tiles to the grid and the music, there’s a lot you can do.

Creating your video collage
VideoMix comes with over 70 unique grids that you can pick from. You’ll need to upgrade (through a $0.99 in-app purchase) to unlock all the grids (along with colors and textures). The grid is the basic layout of how your collage looks.

Select Layout in VideoMix iPhone App

Oh but you don’t stop with the grid. You can give each of the tile a beautiful rounded-border and you can control the radius of the border. And you can also decide the border width. You can go with no borders too which sticks the tiles together.

Pick color backgrounds or textured backgrounds from a huge list of options within the app. The backgrounds go well with the photos if you keep tweaking and trying out the various options.

VideoMix App for iPhone

Once you’ve added the photos and videos, you can pick a song from your iTunes library to play  for the collage. There’s a neat little switch that, when enabled, fades out the sounds as the video ends.

Sharing it with friends
You can share the videos on Instagram or Facebook or send it through email. You can also save it to the camera roll.

Share Video with Friends on VideoMix iPhone App

Given the intuitive and easy interface that even allows for cropping videos you want to add to the collage, VideoMix is definitely a worthy app. It takes you from the plain old photos and short video clips to a mixed collage. For more info you may visit

Price: Free
Download VideoMix

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