Vesel Bumper Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus

Vesel Wood Series bumper case for iPhone 6/6s has been carved to look gorgeous on your smartphone. Going by the profile.
Vesel iPhone 6-6s Plus Wood Series Case

I love to experiment with the looks of my iPhone. That’s one of the prime reasons why I like cases with standout features. Even though I’m concerned about providing the needed protection to my smartphone, high-handed or bulky cases had never attracted me— even a bit.

What I really hate about most iPhone 6 cases is that they take away the sheen from the iPhone; not letting it shine through. Sleek profile with appealing features has always been the top-of-the-line requirement for me. Picking up any random case just for the sake of safeguarding the device has never appealed to my likings.

Vesel Wood Series Bumper Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus

As soon as I had a first glance at “Vesel Wood Series” iPhone bumper case, it impressed me right away. The beautiful design struck a right code with what I look for in a fine bumper case.

Vesel iPhone 6-6s Plus Wooden Bumper Case

Carved to match the elegant profile of iPhone, it makes a fascinating pair with the device. The case not just allows the device to flaunt its look but also enhances its appearance. That’s where it seems to stand out from the rest.

Fabulous Combination of High-Quality Wood and Aluminum

The Vesel bumper case is the perfect combination of elegant wood and high-quality aluminum. While the top and bottom bumper is made from aluminum, the sides have been crafted from oak/walnut which has been finished with brushed oil.

Wood series allows easy access to all the ports and buttons of your device without any inconvenience. With the compact design, it fits iPhone perfectly.

Complete Package

Vesel Wooden Bumper Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

The Vesel bumper case comes with a small tool for installation, a serial number of certificate plate, two extra screws, and microfiber cloth.

The case has packed in with all the needed tools to make sure you can use it comfortably. Using the microfiber cloth, you can keep it shining for long.

Convenient Installation

You can easily install the case. All you need to do is use the tool to unscrew the top two corners of the case, then slide your iPhone 6/6s inside and put the bumpers back in their place.

Unlike most other bumper cases, Wood Series can be removed or installed quickly without any hassle.

Readied for Minimalist

As far as security from any accidental fall or bump is concerned, the Wood Series can be trusted to offer minimal protection. Apparently, it’s not made to provide robust safeguard under any circumstances.

The case puts more emphasis on the attractive design together with the ability to give your iPhone basic protection.

The Verdict

The Vesel Wood Series has been specifically carved for those who are looking for a stylish bumper case with standout quality. The minimalist profile that makes a striking pair with your iPhone has got enough to be a worth shot; if only you are willing to go a little extra mile.

“Two things that may come in your mind while buying this case the slightly high price and delicacy. But when you consider what the wood and aluminum combo brings to your iPhone from the right perspective, it will live up to your billing.”

Available for: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus
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