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Ventusky 3D Weather Maps iOS and Android App Review

Weather apps are an indispensable part of a smartphone. People use it before they make plans for their next outing or before planning to camp out. This is so important that all operating systems, like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, have a default weather app.

But let us be real, these apps are basic and lack richness. For simple use, it is okay, but if you are looking for highly accurate data that has been sourced from the best places, Ventusky: 3D Weather Maps for iOS and Android is your fittest answer.

A Detailed Review of Ventusky – 3D Weather Maps App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Inside the Ventusky App

Once you download and launch the app, it asks permission to access your location. Once you give your consent, it quickly locates you and shows various weather information with wind animation – that I find very engaging and exciting.

When you look at the top right of this app, you have temperature and altitude. The app lets you play with these. When you tap on Temperature, you get a list from where you may choose various information that you want to know. Similarly, tapping on the altitude icon brings up multiple preset atmospheric pressure and elevation settings.

Tap on Temperature and Get Multiple Pressure and Elevation

The bottom part of the app screen has three rows. The first one shows the city/location name, temperature, etc. But when you tap, it slides up with hourly data. You may conveniently slide it from right to left or vice versa. Similarly, you may slide the other two rows to change the date and/or see weather data. It feels highly natural, easy, and intuitive.

Pro tip: If you have searched for multiple cities, you can swipe horizontally by touching the city name and quickly switch names to see weather data.

Search Multiple Cities Weather on Ventusky iPhone App

The 3D globe map that you can turn, rotate, and play with, shows you weather developments across the earth in a uniquely broader way. It lets you see all-weather layers on breathtaking 3D globe. Not only for weather, but I would go on to say that a geography student can learn a lot from this and find much useful and interesting knowledge.

Check Weather Accross the Earth with 3D Globe Map on Ventusky iPhone App

Useful Play Button in the App

I wanted to make a separate heading for this little yet fantastic feature. On the app screen, you see a play button, shown by the usual triangle inside a circle. When you tap on it, the slider at the bottom rows start moving and they display weather information like a ticker. For me, this is super handy. You may even tap the first row before hitting the play button to see even more info in a rich way.

Play Button-through display weather information like a ticker in Ventusky

Weather Data Sources, Weather Models

Ventusky has left no stone unturned to get you the most accurate information. For this, it gets data directly from the numerical models that a few years back were only used by meteorologists. Overall it collects data from several places that enable it to show precise details like precipitation.

American GFS and HRRR, Canadian GEM, German COSMO are some of the weather prediction systems Ventusky has collaborated with. ICON model, EURAD, and USRAD models add to the charm and enable this app to get better and show you more and accurate information. For radar layers, it also uses several other country-specific sources.

Weather Forecast by Ventusky

For the next three days, you can see weather data for each hour. For other days you have these data in three-hour steps. You can also see the sunrise and the sunrise times in the app.

You can view the forecast for precipitation, wind, atmospheric pressure, snow cover, cloud cover, dew point, humidity, air pressure, and much more. All this in one app with amazing graphics and simple controls!

Additionally, you have temperature, wind gusts, and precipitation under Meteogram, which is a graphical presentation of weather forecast related variables with respect to time.

View Forecast for Precipitation, Wind, Snow, etc by Ventusky

Ventusky App’s Amazing Wind Animation

Wind animation is an interesting thing to look at. Airflow on Earth is always in motion, and Ventuskay depicts it beautifully. It shows continuous development amazingly. What is even better is that it lets you customize the wind animation. You can choose among normal (which is the default), dark, soft, strong, fast-motion, or turn it off.

Ventusky iPhone App Give Amazing Wind Animation for Weather


A drawback that I noticed is that the app does not show the data for previous days. It just shows a cross mark. But for future dates, the app does one excellent job.

Distortion-free weather maps, easy slider for future weather forecasts, fourteen weather layers, 3D map, reliable data from multiple weather models, wind animation, and more make this app the perfect robust weather app. If you are interested in having one of the best-refined weather apps on your smartphone, Ventusky is your suitable, affordable answer.

Price: $2.99

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What are your thoughts regarding this weather app? Let us know in the comments down below.

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