Venstar Taco Bluetooth Speaker For iPhone

Your uber-cool lifestyle calls for everything that is fashionable. A swanky new car, a stylish apartment, cool apparels, and high-tech communication tools. When it comes to communication tools, portable Bluetooth devices are on top of your mind. The portable Bluetooth devices are in great demand as they provide ease & convenience of portability; you can carry your Bluetooth devices anywhere.

Of late, youngsters have gone gaga over portable Bluetooth speakers. For their love of music, they can go to any extent. With portable Bluetooth speakers in their backpacks, they can enjoy music on the go.

Venstar Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

Venstar Taco Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

But if you bring home any ordinary Bluetooth speakers, the chances are that your party might be spoiled by frequent hitches in the speakers. Better to get Venstar Taco Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is fashionably designed for young users, who want to enjoy crystal clear voice of music they play.

Sound Quality

Robust technology is the soul of this speaker. The wireless speakers have manufactured with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and to enhance its sound quality, the speaker is powered by 50mm drivers that deliver dynamic, crystal clear audio. Now rev up your parties, get-togethers or family celebrations. And those rapturous moments are made unstoppable by its 8-hour long battery life!

One of the striking features of this speaker is that you can connect and control it with any other Bluetooth device from the distance of 30 feet. So now change tracks, control volume from a reasonable distance.


Venstar Taco Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

The most eye-catching feature of any wireless Bluetooth speaker is its design. And Venstar Taco speaker scores well on this measure. The design idea and the name of this speaker come all the way from Mexico. Shocked? Let me demystify. Taco is Mexican food that consists of a crisply fried pancake folded over and filled with meat, beans, etc. Just search “Taco” in Google images, and you will see the striking similarity between the shape of Mexican delicacy and this Bluetooth speaker. And this is the reason why this speaker is named Taco. The speaker is available in the red-and-black and silver-and-black variant.

Venstar Wireless Speaker for iPhone

The speakers are positioned on both sides, and controls are placed on the top, from where you can easily operate buttons like On/Off, volume up and down, next and previous track. On the bottom, the speaker has AUX Audio Input and charging port. The two ports could have been placed on the top because while charging the speaker or when AUX audio cable is inserted, you have to place the speaker in a slanting position on a flat surface.


Among other major benefits of this Taco wireless Bluetooth speaker are; when the speaker is in discoverable mode, and if any device is not connected within 15 minutes, the speaker turns off automatically; you can use it as a speakerphone by making and receiving calls and enjoy conversation hands-free; and you can listen to radio by establishing connection between your mobile and the speaker via AUX audio cable.

Still waiting to press the order button? Go and get the awesome piece for a musical journey called life.

Price: $99.99 [$29.98 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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