For some of us, having multiple playlists might just not be enough. For instance, when multiple people use the same computer and access iTunes, syncing music might be problematic. Rather than playlists, libraries come in very handy.

In this short tutorial, we’ll explore creating and using multiple libraries in iTunes on Mac / PC and making it easier to sync different music on your iDevices.

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Creating iTunes Library

The simplest way to create a library in iTunes would be to:

Step 1: If you are a Mac user, press and hold down ‘Option’ while opening iTunes. If you are a Windows user, press and hold down ‘Shift’ while opening iTunes.

Step 2: On the dialog window that opens, press ‘Create Library…’Choosing iTunes LibraryStep 3: Give a name for the library and choose a convenient location

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Step 4: Save the file

Step 5: When iTunes opens, choose Preferences (Edit -> Preferences)

Step 6: Click the Advanced tab

Step 7: Uncheck the ‘Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library’ (this prevents duplicates)

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Step 8: Now, add the music that you want to the library. Sync your iDevice to this library and the songs that you just chose will be synced.

Opening a Library

In the same way, if you press and hold ‘Shift’/’Option’ and open iTunes and then you click on ‘Choose Library’, you can open a saved library file.

Multiple Devices, Multiple Libraries

Having multiple libraries makes sense when you need to be careful about syncing music to multiple iDevices. Multiple playlists are good when different people use the same music collection but multiple libraries are great for various devices.

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