How to Get FM Radio on iPhone without Internet

How to Get FM Radio on iPhone without Internet

Give a thumbs up to Blackloud’s innovative Soundot AF1 earphones for making it possible to use the FM radio on the iPhone without Internet. Times when emergencies disrupt entire life throwing out mobile data and Wi-Fi for a toss, FM radio becomes the need of the hour to remain updated about the catastrophe and stay safe. Moreover, it also offers the flexibility to catch up with the local events and listen to a variety of programs from different stations.

Unfortunately, Apple had never been keen on enabling FM radio on iPhone. Even though classic iPhones till iPhone 6/6s did have a built-in FM radio chip; the tech giant didn’t bring that into effect. Worse, the Cupertino-based company has completely removed the chip from its newest iPhones (starting from iPhone 7). And no one knows if it can ever make a come back to the iOS device.

Moving beyond the disappointment; Soundot AF1 earphones can fill the void with good effect. So how do they work? Well, they come with the built-in FM receiver that allows them to function properly.

To get started, all you need to do is that simply connect the Soundot AF1 earphones ($50.85) with your iPhone via the Lightning port. And then, use its companion app to switch stations, adjust EQ and more.

Soundot AF1 earphones

The app supports both iPhone and iPad running iOS 11 or later. Besides, you can use it in multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Worth a Try?

If you like listening to the radio and want to enjoy it seamlessly on your iOS device, it would be worth a shot. The earbuds are pretty smooth and comfy to wear.

The in-ear design helps them stay snuggly in the ear so that you will be able to catch up with your music seamlessly. As for sound quality, they can stand up to the demand reasonably well.

The manufacturer has confirmed that the USB-C model is slated to be launched next year.

The price does seem to be a bit high, but given the complete package, it’s still a good deal.

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