US-China Trade War Effect: Apple Fanboys in China Ditch iPhones, Turn to Huawei P30

Ever since Trump government has imposed a trade ban on Huawei, Chinese consumers have shown their nationalist color. Hundreds of Apple consumers in China have decided to stop using Apple products, and now they are buying telecommunications equipment and smartphones made by Huawei.

When it comes to the nation, fascination for brands takes a second position. This is an interesting case of Chinese consumers, who have been using Apple products for nearly a decade. And now they are ready to bid farewell to the Cupertino giant for a local player Huawei.

Wang Zhixin, who is a die-hard iPhone fan, is ready to part ways with Apple and will switch to Huawei’s P30. Speaking to TECHINASIA, Wang said, “There is a calling from my heart that I need to show support for Chinese brands, especially in the trade war climate.”

Nationalist Movement in China to Support Huawei

Interestingly, Wang has used iPhone 7 for the last three years, and now he is using Huawei P30. However, this decision is not purely taken out of sympathy for local brands. Wang says, “Huawei has a reputation for better quality at a lower price, and the phone is faster and can take better pictures.”

Another Apple user Sam Li, who is working at a telecom company in Beijing, it was his emotion that drove him towards Huawei. Sam believes, “It’s kind of embarrassing to pull an iPhone out of your pocket nowadays when all the company executives use Huawei.”

To inspire its employees to switch to Huawei, the telecom company offered special discounts as an employee benefit.

This exodus from Apple to Huawei is a result of growing tensions between the US and China over technology and trade. Like Wang and Li, there are thousands of people who are now using Huawei phones.

Notably, the US has blacklisted Huawei, a giant company that manufactures telecommunications equipment and smartphones.

The trade war between the two superpowers has resulted in a sort of nationalist movement to support the local brand – Huawei, and this has affected Apple’s sales in China. For the iPhone maker, China has always been a profitable market.

The ban on Chinese company has increased local consumers’ love for Huawei, according to Kiranjeet Kaur, senior research manager at IDC Asia Pacific.

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Bitter trade relations between the US and China has benefited India, where Apple is now planning to set up its manufacturing unit. Wistron is already assembling older iPhone models in Bangalore, India. Now, Apple is looking for upscale locations in Mumbai to set up its retail store.

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