UnoTelly: Product Overview

UnoTelly is that new product which has been creating ripples in the tech-industry. This product is powered by ‘UnoDNS’ ensuring a high-speed media streaming no matter where you are. This great product is capable of transcending the narrow boundaries of geographical locations by offering a fantastic and effortless experience of streaming online TV. So far, it was either unimaginable or extremely difficult to access Worldwide TV channels, but with this dynamic DNS service, impossible just became possible. No matter where a user is located and no matter what device he uses, the user can enjoy unlimited channels with an assistance of UnoTelly.

How it works?

In order to let the user stream online content quickly, UnoDNS service changes the current IP address. UnoTelly lends support to a variety of platforms that include PC, Wii, gaming consoles, smartphones, iPad, Android-based devices, Playbook, Roku, OpenElec, WD TV Live, XBMC, Google TV, Sony players, all routers, Panasonic VIERA, etc. Since this service does offer a prompt customer care service it becomes easier for users to understand the entire process of this service, right from downloading to using various features offered by the advanced UnoDNS product.

UnoTelly Review

In order to get inkling about the features of this product, a user may try the 8-day Gold Trial package. Installing a set-up is quite a hassle-free process as the user is provided with comprehensive guidelines for the installation. If a user is satisfied with the features he may activate the gold or premium plan, which offers a 100% refund guarantee. This product offers over 25 channels to users that include Amazon, MTV, BBC, Netflix, CWTV, HuluPlus. If one is keen about taking a glance at the total channel list, he may do that by accessing the channel section at a website of UnoTelly.

What is new with UnoTelly?

There are a few features, which make UnoTelly, undoubtedly an outstanding product. Those features include incredible blistering speeds that account for 1000MBit, highly sophisticated algorithm, unlimited bandwidth, great versatility (compatibility with numerous devices), and efficient customer care services which are available round the clock, Secured Comodo SSL Certificate, etc.

Money back guarantee

Since this product offers a 100% money back guarantee, it becomes easier for the company to win the users’ confidence and beyond any reasonable doubt.

People who are fond of keeping themselves updated with worldwide news and who are interested in international cinema and art would truly find subscribing the package offered by UnoTelly worth the money. It is undeniable that had the installation process been obscure, UnoTelly would not have had been successful in carving a unique identity for itself, that too in a very short span of time. Easy installation appears to be one of the biggest USPs of UnoTelly. This product offers a wide array of channels offering great bang for the bucks you spend. To sum up, it is no exaggeration to say that this product features a universal appeal and due to the same, it is capable of offering multi-fold benefits to the worldwide users.

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  • Giovanni

    UnoTelly is really the best VPN/Smart DNS service which i tried, and i really tried them all!
    it works like a charm without any kind of problem, never an error, never an issue and you really will be able to watch the most important channels of the world also without a VPN without any kind of problem
    Also the 24 hours live chat is really friendly and competent.