Unlock7 brings an iOS 7-like lockscreen facility to your iOS 6 device. For all of you who have wanted the ‘Slide anywhere to unlock’ feature on their iOS 6 devices, here’s it. Finally.

The Cydia tweak doesn’t bring any other feature to the table but this single function – it’s kickass. Unlock7 slightly modifies the lockscreen to remove the background over the “Slide to Unlock” text and this lends a much more authentic look to the iOS 6 lockscreen.

There have been plenty of “Slide to unlock” modifications (lockscreen slider cydia tweaks). Most of them have rethought how the slider works/animates. Apple changed the whole game by actually making it easier to unlock your iPhone. No longer was it necessary to slide only the slider. You can now slide anywhere on the screen to unlock the lockscreen.

Unlock7 Cydia Tweak

The same functionality, however, is not available for iOS 6 users. If you are holding on to iOS 6 because iOS 7 isn’t your cup of tea yet, chances are high that you are envious of this new slide feature. Worry not because you’ve got Unlock7 now.

Unlock7 does not have any settings to configure. It doesn’t even figure in the Settings app. Once installed, it activates automatically. Here’s how the screen looks on an iPhone 4:

Slide Anywhere to Unlock [iOS 7-like Lockscreen]

Most recently, we covered a new tweak (SevenCenter) which brought iOS 7-style notification center animation and backgrounds (less featured than FasterBlurriedNCBackground but more closer to iOS 7-style). There are also several other modifications/tweaks that you can try to get the iOS 7-look on any device that runs iOS 6.

When you change the default font (BytaFont) to HelveticaNeueLight and use those iOS 7-style backgrounds, Unlock7 will actually make it look like you’ve got iOS 7 installed on your iPhone.

Try it. Unlock7 is free to download from the ModMyi repo.

(Note: the tweak increases the clock font size. It is incompatible with LockInfo.)