Every iOS version since 5.x has seen a jailbreak tweak that enables facial recognition-based unlocking of the iPhone. Give it some time and you’ll have some tweak that does it for the iPhone. In iOS 8’s cases, it’s Appellancy.

Appellancy Cydia tweak lets you unlock your iPhone through facial recognition. It’s one of the best Cydia tweaks that bring facial recognition unlocking on iOS. It is available to download in Big Boss repo for $1.99. I have tested it on my jailbroken iPhone 6 running iOS 8 and it works flawlessly.

Appellancy Cydia Tweak

Here’s How to Get Appellancy:

Step #1. Make sure you have added BigBoss repo to Cydia sources.

Step #2. Search for Appellancy. Purchase and install it. You need to Respring/Reboot the iPhone once you install it.

Step #3. Go to Settings → Appellancy and enable it.

To configure Appellancy and setup photos for facial recognition:

Step #1. Tap on the Appellancy app from springboard. It’s usually just the grid-template-icon (as there’s no icon designed yet). If you don’t find Appellancy on your springboard, search in Spotify.

Step #2. Tap on + to create a new folder. (there’s a Deny folder by default. More on that later.)

Step #3. Tap on Start and the camera will start clicking pictures through the front-camera. It will click 10 pictures initially. You can align the phone in various angles that you’d normally have when unlocking it. (a blue square around your face means the software registers it as a face and will use it for the match.)

Step #4. You can add more angles/photos by tapping on Start again. The more photos, more accurate the software.

Once you are done, exit the app and lock the phone. Tap on the power button/home button to switch the screen on, and have the phone’s front-cam aligned with your face. In a second, the iPhone unlocks without requiring any passcode unlock, without having to slide the screen or without having to use TouchID (in iPhone 6/6+ and iPhone 5s).

The Deny folder contains, typically, the faces of people that should not have any access to your phone. Appellancy matches the face and makes sure the phone remains locked whatsoever.

Appellancy seems to work just fine on iOS 7 and iOS 8. Since it triggers and tracks the FaceTime camera only when you try to unlock your iPhone, it shouldn’t have a large-scale battery impact at all. It also compatible with most of the lockscreen Cydia tweak.

Let us know in comment below how it works for you.

  • saravanan s

    1. “cydia.abovezero.org” added this repo successfully

    2. cydia => source =>

    3. inside this cydia.abovezero.org” repo all package. nothing is there.

    4. then i search for Appellancy. its asking for purchase.

    5. please suggest me any free face Recognition apps available?

    reply needed ASAP

    • Appellancy is now available in BigBoss repo for $1.99. We will update this post soon.