UnitedHealthcare, Health insurance company offers free Apple Watch, but there is a catch!

Walk every day and win a free Apple Watch! This sounds quite a cakewalk. But wait! You have to meet the workout targets set by an insurance company. UnitedHealthcare, under its Motion program, gives a unique offer to its customers. In this program, customers are supposed to complete some fitness goals and they can pay off the Apple Watch.

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well, this idiom makes sense when a business house offers you something free. Ask customers of UnitedHealthcare and you will come to know a unique offer launched by the health insurance company.

The company has introduced this offer to its customers, who have joined the “Motion” program. As mentioned, there is nothing like free as customers have to commit some daily exercise milestones provided by the company.

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Free Apple Watch By UnitedHealthcare? Watch out, There is a Sting in the Tail…

Under this FIT program, customers can select any Apple Watch model except for the latest Series 4. They are not supposed to pay the price but the taxes and shipping cost.

The insurance company offers three ways customers can pay off their Apple Watch.

  • Frequency: Complete 500 steps in 7 minutes an hour apart, at least six times per day.
  • Intensity: Complete 3,000 steps in 30 minutes, at least once per day.
  • Tenacity: Complete at least 10,000 steps per day.

Once customers receive the watch, they have to achieve their activity milestones every day, and they can claim $4 per day. Their activities will be measured through the smartwatch. If customers follow one of the above ways, they can earn a maximum amount of $540 within six months. Note that customers can pay off the cost of Apple Watch in the same period.

In case any customer cannot meet the set targets within six months of receiving Apple Watch, s/he has to pay a percentage of the cost of Apple Watch.

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This is not the first time any company is doling out free Apple Watches. A couple of weeks ago, Apple in its efforts to support binge eating studies, donated 1000 smartwatches to people who participated in Binge Eating Genetics Initiative.

Insurance companies see a good deal here. By giving free watches, they are promoting and advertising their brand and creating a unique selling point. Such programs and events have a lasting impression on the minds of customers as they would proudly show the device to their friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Second, the targets set by insurance companies encourage customers to work out daily, thus, making them healthier than ever. Consequently, they can avoid petty health issues they used to face on account of the sedentary lifestyle.

Though customers won’t get the latest Apple Watch Series 4, this one is a good deal for them as they can improve their health and get a free smartwatch.

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Summing up…

For Apple, such initiatives by health and pharma sectors can boost the sale of their smart devices that track health. One of the fringe benefits for the companies is they will get health data of customers. Based on this health data, they can offer or plan personalized products and services for their customers.

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