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Facebook pushed two updates recently for its iOS 7 app. Unfortunately, something went wrong and thousands of users complained that the app wasn't updating/downloading on their iPhones/iPads running iOS 7.

If you are facing the same problem, you've got company. That's the good news. The bad news is that there are no concrete solutions to fix it. The best we can do is try a few methods to see if the Facebook app updates or at least downloads.

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Facebook Update Error in iOS 7

Unable to Update or Download Facebook App on iPhone/iPad

The first thing you can try is wait. Because we've been doing this for two days but it still hasn't worked for us. If having Facebook on your iPhone is not mission-critical, you might want to wait it out. Facebook – we presume – is already aware of the issue (thanks to several hundred complaints and 1-star ratings on the App Store) and is working on a real fix this time.

The second thing that you can do is delete the app and install it from the purchased section of Updates in the App Store.

Step #1. Tap and hold on the icons of your iPhone home screen.

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Step #2. Delete Facebook by tapping on the ‘x' on it.

Step #3. Once the app is deleted, open the App Store.

Step #4. Tap on Updates from the menu (bottom.)

Step #5. Tap on Purchased.

Step #6. Search for Facebook. Tap on the cloud icon to download the app.

Step #7. Cross your fingers and hope that Facebook installs correctly.

The “problem” with the second method is that you will most likely download an older version of the app. That's okay at a time when the new version seems to be useless.

The third thing that you can try is to download Facebook via iTunes and then sync it to your iPhone/iPad. There are no surprises here: this method might work and only has a little chance of being successful. You've got to try it nevertheless.

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To be clear, the issue seems to be only on Facebook's recent app udpate (v6.7.1). Hopefully a newer update fixing all the issues will be released in a day or two. Until then, you have a few alternatives that let you manage your social profile. One favorite is FriendCaster.

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