Unable to Install iOS 7? Here’s How to Fix It

Millions of users are trying to install iOS 7 – almost at the same time so to speak. It’s hard on Apple’s servers and no matter how big the Cupertino giant is, it’s a heavy load to tackle. And it results in a lot of people seeing the dreaded screen shown below.

It’s frustrating when you’re unable to install iOS 7 while the neighbor right across the street is playing with the Control Center. But you must understand that when servers clog up, things can get very buggy.

It’s the same thing with iOS 7 installation right now.

Nevertheless, there are some things you can try. Here’s what you can do to fix update/installation errors when you’re trying to update to iOS 7.

Stop Doing OTA! Get it from iTunes!
As obvious as it sounds, the first thing I’d want you to try is stop doing OTA. I know it sounds all cool and awesome but if you’re hitting the wall every time you’re trying to do an over-th-air update for iOS 7, just quit it and do it through iTunes.

Fix iOS 7 Installation Errors

iTunes downloads iOS 7 firmware to your computer and then tries to install it on your iPhone. There’s a lot of internal thing that can go wrong with an OTA but hopefully, a iTunes upgrade should not cause those errors.

Here’s the Solution to Fix iOS 7 Installation Errors:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Fire up iTunes and select the device (top-right or sidebar)
  • In the Summary tab, click on Update.
  • Make sure you backup all data to iCloud/iTunes so that it’s easy to restore all apps and data once you upgrade to iOS 7.

There’s a chance that you’ll face iTunes Error 3194. Here’s a post we wrote on fixing iTunes error 3194 sometime back. The first part of the post holds good for iOS 7 update errors.

Change Your Network!
May be there is a network issue? A slow Wi-fi probably? Bad signal strength? Intermittent connection timeouts?

If you’re specific about doing OTA, you should also check that your Wi-fi is perfectly stable and is fast. As it is, you should also note that with servers getting clogged with millions of request any moment, you will face update issues for quite sometime.

Free-up Some Space
As pointed out by a few experts, if your iPhone has very little space, you might run up installation issues when you try to upgrade to iOS 7. This can happen both with OTA and with iTunes.

It looks like iOS 7 needs about 3-4GB of free space to install (the IPSW file is about 730MB). Make sure you erase data, remove apps that you no longer use and try  to stick to iTunes if OTA is causing issues. This is because with an OTA update, the iOS 7 file gets downloaded to your iPhone. With iTunes, it stays on the Mac/PC.