UGREEN X-Kit: An Amazing Foldable Ergonomic Hub-Stand

UGREEN X-Kit Foldable Ergonomic Hub-Stand

I love finding new innovative products online. Especially if they solve more than one problem, with a smart design. UGREEN‘s X-Kit had my heart from the get-go. It boasts a unique design that combines the comfort of a foldable MacBook stand with the benefits & utility of a USB hub. How? Check out our review to know what’s so great in this ergonomic hub-stand.

A Resourceful ‘5+4’ Foldable Hub-Stand for Your MacBook

Whether you use your device for an hour or 20 hours in a day, comfort is an important aspect of your working experience. And not just in terms of posture or fatigue, I am also considering ease of access and peace of mind in the equation.

Products laptop stands & multi-port hubs allow us to achieve such a comfortable workflow. UGREEN has very artfully combined the goodness of these two in one unique package.

X-Kit is the world’s first integrated ergonomic hub-stand. And before we go into further details, here’s a video to help you understand the concept.

High-Performance 5-in-1 USB-C Hub

Why didn’t anybody thought of it earlier? A stand that has almost all the ports a user will need in day-to-day life. The 5-in-1 hub boasts:

  • 1 USB C data delivery port
  • 1 HDMI Port ( 4K 3D)
  • 2 USB A 3.0 Ports (5Gbps)
  • 1 SD Card Slot (104MB/s)
  • 1 TF reader
UGREEN X-Kit High-Performance 5-in-1 Hub

Thanks to them, you can enjoy high-speed data transmission from smartphones, hard drives and memory cards. Plus you can seamless connect external devices like monitor, TV, projector, keyboards, graphic tablets, mouse etc.

What’s more, you can employ all these ports simultaneously, without hampering the speed or performance of any.

Adjustable Angles for Comfortable Usage

Depending upon your height, style or mode of working, and the desk’s height, the correct altitude and angle for the laptop may vary person to person. But what does not vary is the need for proper ergo posture for everyone.

Ergonomically Healthy Sitting Posture to Use MacBook

The UGREEN X-Kit offers 4 adjustable angles to suit different needs:

  • 15° To take notes or drawing on tablets
  • 25°A natural position to keep your wrist relaxed while typing
  • 30° – Flexible angle for reading or typing
  • 33° – When you are working with extra peripherals, like a keyboard or graphic tablet.

If used optimally, the ergonomically-friendly stand will reduce fatigue caused to the neck, wrist, arms, or eyes due to long working hours.

Adjustable Angles of UGREEN X-Kit Hub Stand

Amazingly, It’s Even Minimal

Despite all these amazing features and function, X-Kit manages to sport a minimal design and a surprisingly compact and ultra-lightweight form factor. It’s an x-shaped structure that folds down to a compact rectangular stick.

The Minimal Structure of UGREEN X-Kit Hub Stand

Crafted from premium aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, X-Kit is 65% lighter and yet 25% harder than the average stands. Plus, it is lined with silky, slip & crush-proof silicone bands, to avoid scratches on your devices.

Double Triangle Base of UGREEN X-Kit Hub Stand

Interestingly, the design consists of a double triangle base that allows your MacBook to breathe and reduces heat build-up.

The World’s First Integrated Ergonomic Hub-Stand by UGREEN

It’s quite wonderful! It opens & fold-ups in split-seconds, convenient to carry around, adjustable, pretty helpful or shall I say hub-full, and most importantly declutters the desk quite efficiently.

And as the brand puts it, the X-Kit weighs 0.62lb, almost “2 ounces lighter than a Starbucks tall, the smallest Starbucks coffee on the regular menu.”

As I said earlier, why didn’t anybody think of this earlier? But now that X-Kit is here, you should not miss it. With a super-early bird discount, you can get it at just $49.00.

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