UBS Survey: Consumers Ready to Pay $600 More for Foldable iPhone

iPad may lead foldable Apple device race - Users ready to pay $600 premium for foldable iPhone, Says UBS consumers survey.

UBS Survey has revealed that more than a third of customers expressed greater willingness to pay a premium at $600 for foldable Apple iPhone, says CNBC

Korean Smartphone maker Samsung was first to introduce its foldable concept during Samsung’s annual developer conference, SDC, in San Francisco on November 7, 2018.

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Announcing #The Galaxy Fold is here, #DoWhatYouCan’t’ the Samsung star has caught iPhone fans to demand such a model from Apple stable. However, Samsung Fold ‘folded’ for a short while over broken screen issues.

UBS Survey Finds ‘High Interest’ for Foldable Smartphone

The survey attributed over a third of participants displaying reasonably ‘high interest’ in buying a foldable smartphone which according to UBS is very significant for Apple and other manufacturers.

Samsung dominates the foldable segment holding majority of intellectual patents, while Apple has a long way to go. The survey predicts Apple’s entry in the segment not before 2021.

UBS said, “This suggests that the industry will need to work to further reduce costs for foldable mobile devices to take off as a products category.”

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UBS Says Apple May Launch Foldable iPad First

It also inferred from the survey that Apple might launch foldable iPad first rather than an iPhone. This could be because of loss of ‘first market mover’ advantage conceded by Apple in the foldable smartphone segment. 

On the pricing front currently, Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at $1,980 in the US. The UBS survey found that users of foldable smartphones were ready to pay a premium of $600 while regular smartphones were surveyed to be US$400-500.

While More Players Crowd ‘Foldable’ Segment, Trade War To ‘Bother’ Display Industry, Says DSC 

As the line up for foldable smartphone features Huawei, Motorola, TCL among others this year, Apple’s likely debut in the segment may not be earlier than 2021.

Worrying factor for all today is the US-China trade war that may send the prices Northwards for all products, including foldable display devices.

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This is corroborated by Display Supply Chain blog with headline screaming out ‘US-China Trade War Will Hit Display Industry.’

So, what will Apple say for its foldable display products? Do you wish it says #DoWhatIWant?’ Give a shout, guys!!

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