TypeStatus is a cool tweak that puts a speech bubble on the status bar when someone’s typing you an iMessage. You don’t have to keep the Messages app open for this. TypeStatus 1.0 – which is available for free on the ModMyi repo – does not have any configuration options.

You just install the tweak, it gets enabled by default and whenever you are in conversation with someone over iMessage, you’ll notice a tiny speech bubble showing up on the status bar when the other person is typing.

Yesterday, TypeStatus got updated to 1.1 bringing some uber-cool features.

TypeStatus Cydia Tweak for iMessage

For starters, you can configure things in TypeStatus now. Here’s what is new:

  1. Instead of a speech bubble, you can now enable an option where the entire status bar is filled with a message from TypeStatus. It goes ‘Typing: example@domain.com’ where the email is that of the person sending you an iMessage!
  2. You can configure how the new notification works: fades, slides etc. You can also disable it if this is too much of an information.
  3. You can also set read receipts to appear on the status bar so that when someone has read your iMessage, it shows up on the status bar too as ‘Read: example@domain.com’

TypeStatus Cydia Tweak

Last time I checked, this new version of TypeStatus was not under ModMyi yet. However, you can grab a copy of this from Hashbang’s private repo. Here’s how to get the new TypeStatus:

  • Go to Cydia
  • And then Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add
  • Add this repo: http://cydia.hbang.ws/
  • Now get TypeStatus installed from the new repo

Head over to Settings -> TypeStatus to play with the settings.

TypeStatus works with biteSMS too. Now, if only the dev added Whatsapp-support! It seems that the developer is working on that too and the tweak will be ‘sold’ for a small price.

A quick video on how to use TypeStatus: