Tynker iPad App Teaches Your Kids to Code

Sometime last year, top CEOs from the tech industry put together a plan to encourage American schools to take up code-learning and teach it earnestly to kids. Learning to code is one of the best experiences ever and this is from personal experience. Learning to code brings about a radical shift in the way we think analytically, logically and abstractly. And all these are huge benefits to rational and intellectual thinking.

Following up on this premise, Tynker came up with a wonderful way to help kids learn the basics of code and programming: by creating games and animations. Tynker is fun, interactive and sharply focused on teaching the fundamentals of logic without making it all boring.

Teaching code is one of the hardest things. And it’s considered somewhat ‘advanced’ for no particular reason which has kept programming fundamentals out of the core syllabus for kids. But there are a lot of benefits of learning to code from an early age. And by code, we don’t mean starting at a Matrix-like dark screen with green lines of gibberish (relative gibberish).

Code/programming is mostly about how you think logically. That’s what code does to a person’s brain. It helps us think better, in a broader sense. Teaching code to kids can be one of the best things for the kids but how do you take out the boring part of the process and replace it with something fun, interactive and equally effective?

Tynker iPad App Lost in Space

That is the problem Tynker solves. It brings in animations and game-like interface so that kids actually learn the logic of code without really learning code. Since last year, the adoption has been quite a proof of its effectiveness. Tynker has been used in hundreds of schools across the country to teach programming to kids ranging from the 3rd grade to 9th grade and others.

Tynker iPad App Lost in Space 2

The program is designed to help kids organize chunks of simple commands in a game-like interface. Kids use the commands (like Run, Jump, Move, etc.) and place them sequentially and logically to satisfy the objective of a particular game/animation. Since everything is simplified and visual, kids learn code through visual clues and simple instructions conveyed in English.

Tynker iPad App Puppy Adventure

Teachers can get the hang of Tynker in a jiffy. It would take very little time to adopt Tynker to teach code to kids of any age group.

Perhaps the best thing is applicability: Tynker does not stick just to games and animations. Over the period that it has been adopted and used across the country, Tynker has been used to build narratives for math, history, geography and various other subjects, all the while teaching kids to code.

Tynker iPad App Sketch Racer

Tynker takes the cake for being smooth on the desktop. The iPad app launched just recently. Tynker’s got some serious competition with Hopscotch but this is a field where there are no competitors. The more tools there are, the better for the kids and the entire teaching industry.

We encourage you to take a look at Tynker (if you are a teacher or a parent) to find out how one simple tool can help your kid not only grasp the fundamentals of programming but actually have fun doing it.

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