Tylt Energi iPhone 6/6 Plus Battery Case: Rapid Charging Solution

Tylt Energi iPhone 6-6 Plus Battery Case

Battery cases offer a pretty handy charging solution to iPhone. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to bother much about charging your device. However, not all the battery cases are elegant or simply perform up to the mark. Most of them look bulky and hence you wouldn’t like to use them as a standalone case; meaning you have to foot extra money to buy a case for your watch. That’s why; some folks are not a huge fan of battery cases.

Meet Tylt Energi iPhone 6/ 6 Plus battery case. During your very first interaction with this case, you would like its aesthetic appeal-much before being impressed by its efficient and the fastest charging solution. From offering rapid output to being a dashing addition to your iPhone, Energi has it all.

Tylt Energi iPhone 6/6 Plus Battery Case: Rapid Charging Solution

3500mAh Battery for iPhone 6 Plus/ 3200mAh for iPhone 6

Energi battery case comes with a strong battery. It will never let your iPhone down with power thanks to the much needed extra battery life. If you use your device non-stop and often find its battery struggling to keep up with your demand, Energi would be a viable option for you.

Lightning Fast Output

This battery case is equipped to provide the 2.1-Amp power output. If you ever wish to charge up your iPhone, the battery case will do so with rapid speed. Simply, slide your iPhone in the battery sleeve and press the button to charge. You wouldn’t find a more efficient charger for your iPhone.

LED Indicators

The LED indicators would let you know that your device is being charged. If one LED is flashing, it means your device is 2% charged. In the same way, if-

  • 1 LED: 3-25% charge
  • 2 LED: 25-50% charge
  • 3 LED: 50-75% charge
  • 4 LED: 75%-100 charge

When your iPhone is fully charged to its capacity, the battery case automatically stops. So, you don’t have to bother about putting it off.

Dual-Layer with Raised Lip

It features dual-layer with a raised lip which safeguards your iPhone touchscreen from damage. Besides having a stylish profile, the battery case looks just strong enough to offer the required protection to your device.

Sliding Design

The sliding design ensures you have a hassle-free time while using this case. Depending on your need, you can use this case with or without the battery sleeve.

Lightweight and Slim Appearance

Unlike most other battery cases, Energi is lightweight and spots a good-looking appearance. You can comfortably use it as a standalone case. All the ports and buttons of your device are easily accessible while this case is on.

The Verdict

Energi deserves to be your buy primarily based on two things:

  • Rapid and efficient charging solution
  • Designed to be used as a versatile case for your device

In a nutshell, it does justify the price ($99.99) you may pay for it.
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