Apple has introduced the updated version of tvOS at WWDC16. With a number of stunning features like single sign-on, new functionality for Siri and more, the newest tvOS has arrived with a lot of promise to rev up your experience.

If you had been waiting for a much improved Siri on your Apple TV? You have got your wish fulfilled. Willing to have a quick at the major features of tvOS? Let’s dive ahead to check out!

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tvOS Features
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tvOS Features

#1. New Apple TV remote app.

#2. “A lot of our customers have told us they would love an app on their iPhone with the same capabilities as the Siri remote.” Uses touch, voice to control Siri, motion controls to play games. Enter text with the keyboard. Eddy Cue.

#3. You can now search for categories of movies.

#4. Siri searches 650,000 movies and TV shows.

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#5. The virtual assistant will now be able to search YouTube as well.

#6. “A big part of your TV experience is live channels… we’ve got a great new feature called Live Tune-In. You can just say Watch ESPN2 and it’ll pop open.”

#7. Live Tune-In available on iPad and Apple TV.

#8. Single sign on to cable networks.

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#9. There is a dark mode.

#10. Download an app on your iPhone, it will appear on your Apple TV.

#11. HomeKit has finally arrived on Apple TV.

#12. Some new apps will be arriving on tvOS, including Sling, Fox Sports Go, Molotov TV. A few game-based apps such as Minecraft Story Mode and Sketch Party will also be available on the tvOS.

#13. The new Apple TV as well as, tvOS supports the new Remote app, which has the same functionality as the Apple TV’s Siri Remote on an iPhone.

#14. The app, just like previous Remote apps, lets you not only control your content but also allows you to use Siri to control the Apple TV. Besides, you can use the app to play games on your TV and even be able to enter text using the iOS keyboard.

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