Apple tvOS 13 Features: More Personalized and Entertaining Than Ever Before

Apple has packed its tvOS 13 with more personalized features, redesigned home screen, multi-user support, likely support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers on Apple TV devices.

More personalized and entertaining than ever before! Welcome to WWDC 2019, where Apple CEO Tim Cook started the event with Apple’s tvOS.

Notably, during its March 2019 event, Apple made some important announcements on Apple TV+, which is the services business. Apple had to make its services business worlds apart.

tvOS 13 Features: with Multi-User Support, Likely Support for Xbox One & PS4, and Redesigned Home Screen

Redesigned Home Screen

Apple is updating its latest tvOS with a new home screen and multi-user support. A redesigned home screen will be equipped with full-screen content previews.

Multi-user Support

Multi-user support will be accompanied by personalized recommendations for everyone in your home for Apple TV and Apple Music. The “Up Next” list on your TV is going to be personalized. With Multiuser support, everybody gets their own up next list.


Want to read the lyrics of your favorite song? No worries! Your new tvOS will show you lyrics to songs in sync to the music. Isn’t it cool? tvOS 13 will bring in the new Control Center, where you can switch users easily.

Support for Xbox One and PS4

One of the glaring features of tvOS 13 is its likely support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers on its Apple TV devices soon.

This certainly rouses more cheers from PlayStation fans as they were more in number there, “I guess there’s a few PlayStation fans out there,” Tim says.

That’s all for tvOS 13 from Apple!

Signing off…

Personalized entertainment is a way to go! With the latest tvOS from Apple, everybody can create their list of shows and Apple Music as well. And nobody can sneak peek on others’ entertainment.

Whatever you are watching is behind the closed doors of multi-user interface on your Apple TV. The tech giant will soon launch support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers, and this will make your gaming experience more thrilling and exciting than ever before.

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