More than fully-funded on Kickstarter, Poppy is a new iPhone accessory that brings the awesomeness of 3D images to your iPhone. It will let you capture 3D photos and videos and it can also work as a 3D image viewer.

Built as a Kickstarter project, Poppy aims to bring some amazing 3D features to the iPhone 5. There are a few odd 3D-lenses for the iPhone being built around the world but none as comprehensively as Poppy.

If you’re in a hurry, Poppy 3D is up for pre-order here. For those who’d like to dive into the details of what it can do and how it can transform the camera experience of your iPhone, here’s more.

Poppy 3D iPhone Accessory

Shooting Low-cost 3D Made Possible Now

What attracts me to Poppy – more than anything else – is the ability to shoot 3D footage without having to shell out thousands of dollars on equipment. Poppy makes it uber-simple to shoot videos and photos that are systematically captured as 3D footage with your iPhone.

Where it excels is it lies entirely on hardware instead of apps. Poppy is made up of mirrors and lenses that create 3D magic out of whatever you are capturing.

Poppy iPhone Camera Accessory

View 3D Images And Videos….. And Reality

Poppy also doubles up as a beautiful equipment to view 3D images, videos, other footage as well as spice up real life. The device must have crossed prototyping by now and judging by the dates, it looks like it should be at least in pilot production.

An App to Accompany

Poppy also comes with an iPhone app (which is quite the norm). Poppy only uses hardware to do the magic which means you can use any app – Vine, Camera+ etc. – to create the same effects. However, Poppy comes with its own iPhone app to sew together various images for the 3D output.

Poppy iPhone app creates wiggly GIFs too. You can also upload 3D YouTube videos directly from Poppy’s app.

Poppy apparently releases in December 2013.

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