TSTAND iPad Pro Stand: Your iPad’s Perfect Companion For Lazy Viewing On Couch Or Bed

With the advancing technology, tablet computing is getting momentum day-by-day. People are already used to the portability of iPad Pro. But there is one limitation when we talk about tablet computing, and that is, you’ll need to carry it in your hands all the time, it is really uncomfortable; especially when watching a movie while on bed or on couch.

Yes, there are many stands available, but none of them adjust according to your sitting or sleeping positions. Instead, you’ll have to adjust in different positions to get the perfect viewing angle. To overcome this limitation, industrial designer Sean Kieley designed TSTAND.

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TStand for iPad Pro

TSTAND iPad Pro Stand

TSTAND is a Kickstarter project and has enough backers to get the project on board. TSTAND is perfect in any working conditions; whether you are on a couch, in kitchen, in office or on your desk, TSTAND will assure ultimate comfort. Check the detailed review of TSTAND given below.

Design and build quality

Tstand iPad Pro Stand

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TSTAND has a unique design that can comfort you in almost all positions. You just need to place your iPad Pro on TSTAND and enjoy the show. It is crafted from ABS plastic, silicone rubber and also has a steel frame. After all this, it is completely light weight; weighing just 1.25lbs.


It can hold any iPad between 7″ to 13″; and the TSTAND itself can be carried very easily. According to company, you can easily fit most of the iPad even with the case on it. With the silicone grip, you can be assured of a perfect grip. There aren’t any possibilities of TSTAND falling your iPad.


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TSTAND has infinite adjustable angles. It has curved legs which wraps perfectly around your legs when viewing on couch or bed. You can also turn the other way around, to place it on desk. I personally like the couching angle, as there was no stress on my back; because TSTAND adjusts according to my position.


TSTAND being a Kickstarter project, you’ll need to visit the site for updated prices. There are different pledge options available. Some pledges are still available while other are all sold out. You can check for the latest pricing from here.

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