Dinner ‘Investment’ Diplomacy: Trump Tweets Meet With Tim ‘Apple’ Cook

In a tweet, President Trump announced his meeting over dinner with Apple's CEO Tim Cook. The outcome of the meet will hopefully revolve around trade wars, tariffs, investments, jobs, and wealth creation in the US, as is evident. 

In a bid to garner CEO Tim ‘Apple’ Cook’s attention, and probably attract more investments in the USA, President Donald Trump has tweeted about his dinner ‘diplomacy.’

Inviting over dinner, Trump may drive home his strong message of not extending any tariff relief and insist on Apple to invest more and create more jobs in the country.

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Apple Announces 2.4mln Jobs Creation and Economic Contribution Target Worth $350bln 

Yesterday, Apple announced that it was instrumental in creating and supporting over 2.4 million jobs in the US. It has also targetted $350 billion worth contributions to the US economy by 2023.

It also acknowledged the role played by its Supplier partners who support the production of their famed iPhones, iPads, and other App services, and also help conduct research and collaborative ecosystem to create jobs.

In a lighter vein, we placed ‘Apple’ between Tim and Cook in our blog news title as President Trump in a recent interaction inadvertently called the Apple CEO as Tim Apple!

Trade Wars and Tariff in Limelight

Recently, the Prez stated that Apple and several other US majors would not get any relief in tariffs and in effect discourage subsidies.

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It also means that Apple and other majors need to manufacture their products and services, including components from within the country. This will put pressure on countries like China, India, South Korea, and Japan, among others as imports from those countries will become costlier if not remain steady, unless otherwise.

The ongoing trade wars between the US and China have been simmering. The only positive development in this period has been Huawei and Apple, both getting some reprieve over the applicability of tariff on some of their products getting delayed till December.

However, the US will implement tariffs on Apple Watch, AirPods, and HomePod with effect from September 1, 2019, among other items listed in 121-pages.

Tonight, with the dinner diplomacy, who will ask for what will and who will get what remains a mute question as industry and the world eagerly await its outcome. Is it jobs and wealth creation on one hand or trade wars and tariff reliefs to be brought up for discussions on the dinner table, tonight?

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Is the dinner over yet? Will Tim win over Trump’s ‘Apple’ to prevail ‘Cook?’

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