Tim Cook Deemed Great Executive As ‘He Calls Me & Others Don’t,’ says Trump

Apple CEO Tim Cook called Great Executive by President Donald Trump. He compliments on 'calling him out whenever there is a problem,' like Tariff and Samsung competition issues bring both on the table.

A compliment, and that too, a rare one from US President Donald Trump calling Apple CEO ‘a Great Executive’ because he ‘calls him when there’s a problem,’ says a CNBC Tech News. Tariff imposition, among other problems, have brought both the leaders on the discussion table.

However, the repressive tariff imposition was postponed from September 1 to December 15 providing some relief to Apple Inc.

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Trade & Samsung Issues Draws Trump & Tim Together

The news reads, “President Donald Trump likes Apple CEO Tim Cook. But it’s not necessarily because he’s running a big and successful business. Rather, Trump said Cook calls him “whenever there is a problem.”

“Others go out and hire very expensive consultants,” Trump said. “Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly.”

Can we then call this a compliment? Certainly to an extent, if one considers the US President’s action to first imposed the tariff on goods imported from China, and then delay its imposition till December this year.

If the action prevailed, then products like iPhones, iPads, apparels, and other consumer goods imported from China would turn costly for Americans to buy.

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Before 10% tariff, in May 2019, 25% tariff worth $250 billion was imposed on goods from China as the trade disputes started causing tremors globally.

The move was to enable local Americans to manufacture and sell similar products and render them price competitive against preferentially priced imports from other countries like China.

Trump’s Quote on Cook, A Compliment With ‘Compelling’ Intent?

For Apple, the concern was its rival Samsung’s smartphones outsmarting its iPhones in the America marketplace. Samsung already has the upper hand in the price-sensitive segment. This is because it gets relief due to its production base located in South Korea and attractive preferential tariffs into the USA.

As the Prez patently mentioned ‘Tim calling him whenever there was a problem,’ speaks of their ability to communicate with each other conveniently. This problem was all about Apple products being rendered noncompetitive against Samsung’s, which attract lower tariff in comparison.

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President Trump met Tim Cook on several occasions, and it is understood that the latter built considerable pressure to convey that Apple and its products sourced mainly from China, were adversely affected by tariffs. Earlier, Apple Mac was placed in a spot for tariff attractions as Trump wanted Apple to make them in the USA completely which is just not possible.

When the latest dinner meeting happened last week, President Trump claimed that Tim Cook made a ‘compelling‘ argument against tariff and Samsung, in particular.

So, when President Trump announced 10% additional duties on Chinese imports and Apple had its ‘problem‘ cup brimming, Tim dialed Trump, and dinner was on call.

Here’s to hoping Trump finds Cook’s reasons ‘compelling‘ for setting up more meetings and get cheaper Apple iPhone and other products to the USA.

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