Truffol Intelli Classic iPhone 6 Wallet Leather Case

Truffol Intelli Classic iPhone 6 Wallet Leather Case

Since the arrival of Apple Pay, the trend of contactless credit and debit cards is on the rise in the USA. Most modern day merchants have already introduced contactless payment terminals, and a great many are striving to do so in near future.

Truffol Intelli Classic iPhone 6 wallet case has been brilliantly designed to help you make a contactless payment. With RFID blocking pocket and efficient technology, this case can make contactless payment amazingly simple besides providing absolute protection from any data theft. Here is more.

Truffol Intelli Classic iPhone 6 Wallet Leather Case

Contactless Payment

Truffol Intelli has two card slots. The outer slot has been designed for the contactless card to be used for making payment by default. Simply touch the case against the payment terminal and you have made a purchase! You don’t need to make a purchase by taking the card out of the case. It’s that simple.

Contactless Terminals Can’t Read Inner Card

The inner slot has been lined with a thin Faraday cage which is capable of blocking radio signals. As a result, contactless terminals can’t read the inner card. Therefore, you can make contactless payment without being bothered regarding the security of another card. Honestly speaking, it is this speciality that makes this wallet case amazing.

RFID -Blocking Pocket

This case provides absolute protection against any data theft or scam. With RFID blocking pocket, your RFID credit cards remain fully protected. The RFID blocking pocket has been built to prevent anyone from reading your credit card information while you are making payment.

Cowhide Leather With Rough Surface

This wallet case has been made with cowhide leather. If you are charmed by soft-textured wallet cases, then it may not be your liking. However, the case will make a good pair with your iPhone, if not a dashing profile.

Convenience At Its Best

With the earpiece cut-out on the front, you don’t need to fold the front flap around behind your iPhone to speak on the phone. There are so many cases which don’t provide this convenience and thus every time you wish to speak on the phone you have to keep off the front flap. Though volume button as well as mute switch is covered, you won’t have any difficulty while operating them while making a call.

This case comes with a screen protector, applicator and cleaning cloth. It also provides one year warranty. Available at the price of $29.99, it can be a great value to your iPhone 6.

If all the features and quality are taken into account, Truffol seems to be a pretty solid offer. You will be impressed with how it works and the rich efficiency it provides when it comes to contactless payment.

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