In the sensationalism of Instagram and Facebook, we often miss the depth in doing certain things. That’s what Trover, popular travel community and iPhone app, reminds me. Trover is a magnificent community of people posting awesome photos of new things discovered in a lot of places across the globe.

Trover app is your gateway to two things: finding curiously interesting things across the world and sharing your travel photos with a relatively small but fantastic community. It’s about the shared experience of travel and photography done correctly.

Trover iPhone App Review

Trover launched a long time back in 2011 and has since grown into a niche community of its own. Developed as a spin-off from its parent company, Travelpost, Trover is a social network for special travel photography that aims on finding new and interesting things instead of drumming the same tune that folks over at Instagram or most other photo-sharing communities offer.

Trover Travel Photography App

And that means Trover is not a image-filter-and-hash-tag-spam app. It is one of those genuinely and thoroughly enriching communities that are missing from this planet. Trover is the place you realize that Paris is not just the Eiffel Tower but some of the finest street-art filled lanes too. In picturesque detail.

Travel Photography and Community iPhone App

As one review put it, Trover is a combination of Instagram, Foursquare and Yelp. You can click and post pictures right from within the app. The app will automatically geo-tag your photos so that each photo is associated with the place you were in. And the community will comment/upvote your photos.

One great thing about Trover is the depth. Most photo-sharing communities and apps are built around the idea of easy-photo-sharing. To keep up with that promise, most apps just want you to upload photos with some hashtags. Trover lets you get into real descriptions of the photos you took, the places you went and more. Many Trover users get into such exquisite details that are helpful.

And to top it all, Trover’s free to use.

(Trover was the App of the Week and featured on What’s Hot in the Apple App Store).

Trover is available on the App Store for all iOS 7 devices.

Price: Free
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